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Welcome and thanks for joining us today for this deep dive into what's new in Dynamics 365 for finance and operations we're excited to show you all the new features and capabilities that we've been working so hard on in the new release but first I'd like to start today by tell you a little bit about the imperative of digital transformation for competitive businesses at Microsoft we work every day partnering with customers on successful transformation journeys we've engineered solutions that help businesses engage their customers empower employees optimize operations and really fundamentally transform their products and services it research shows us that the top 25% of digital leaders have a significant advantage over the bottom 25% of digital laggards even with IT spending the same digital leaders post higher gross margins revenues and profits than digital laggers digital leaders operate better with customers with more personalized experiences they understand better the impact of investments with quantitative evaluations and KPIs and they develop better products and services so what are some of the trends happening where digital transformation is taking place to start with digital leaders increasingly have dedicated teams thinking strategically about how to leverage data technologies and processes to innovate and outperform soon IOT is going to save consumers and businesses over a trillion dollars a year in maintenance services and consumables and digital leaders are investing in the connected factory to reach new levels of productivity and efficiency most significantly technologies like IOT AI and advanced analytics are enabling companies to innovate new business models with digitally enhanced products and services data capturing it analyzing it learning from it is the key to competitive advantage in differentiation Dynamics 365 for finance and operations enables this kind of digital innovation providing a unified real-time view of global financials and operations empowering people to make informed decisions faster letting businesses adapt quickly to changing market demands and driving business growth we help business leaders address their challenges and achieve their goals now some of these challenges have been around for decades you know CFOs are looking to increase margins increase revenue and profitability CEOs looking to drive out costs and improve efficiencies and CIO is managing the return on their IT investment but some of these challenges are new having been introduced by the digital transformation taking place in industries across the globe CFOs need to analyze data and use predictive analytics to identify opportunities for new products and services and to innovate new business models and ways to compete co o--'s have to deal with unprecedented volumes of data billions trillions of data points being gathered across their operations coming from digital products coming from the connected shop floor coming from customers and look for ways to take that information and streamline and optimize the global supply chain and CIOs more than ever before are strategic partners driving this growth and transformation in companies they have to be nimble supplying Data technologies analytics that are going to enable continuous innovation and change to manage this imperative across the connected enterprise next we'll hear from mohammad alam the general manager of dynamics 365 for finance and operations taking us through the detailed capabilities of the product and the exciting new features that have been introduced in the latest release Thank You bill before we get into the details of what's coming in the dynamics 365 for finance and operations spring release I do want to take a few minutes and talk about kind of what our long-term overarching vision and strategy is for finance and operations as bill talked about from a digital transformation perspective what we believe at Microsoft is there's core sets of signals coming from the product side from the customer side and people side that are really what's enabling and being the catalyst for digital transformation across industries and certainly for specific companies as well and at Microsoft we obviously enable all those three loops of digital transformation through a set of applications that we have on the product side on the customer side through customer engagement applications marketing sales and service and on the people side with our Dynamics 365 for talent application what we're going to focus on today in this discussion is how we're enabling the digital product feedback loop via our finance and operations set of applications on the digital product feedback loop if you just look at the processes that impact the product feedback loop these are processes that largely haven't changed over the course of the last two decades so these are things like product design planning how do you manufacture the product how do you get the product to the right place and then kind of how do you enable that with a set of finance capabilities in your application as well as commerce capabilities the transactional capabilities that essentially enable these business processes originally haven't changed over the last two decades as well sure they've gotten a lot more automated they've gotten a lot more usable and they're a lot more connected across the spectrum of the supply chain and we have that too in the Dynamics 365 for finance and application and we'll continue to invest and innovate on those but more of what we hear from our customers is when they're looking for new applications or transformation on the product side of their organization while they're obviously interested in making sure that the transactional capabilities are there that's not increasingly what they're worried about what they're worried about is in the application and the partner that they select is that partner helping them really take advantage of the trends that are really impacting the product the whole set of feedback loops but particularly on the digital product feedback loop and those two trends that we continue to hear a lot from our customers are the trends of product as a service and disintermediation product as a service essentially is a new phenomenon that.

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