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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Attach

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Attach

Hi this is mark from ereplacementparts.com in this video I'm going to show you how to remove and replace the spindle in a drill press the spindle is the part of the drill press that actually rotates the chuck it's located inside the quill which is this piece here the spindle can become Ben if the drill press is overloaded also there's two bearings that connect the quill to the spindle if those bearings fail you'll need to remove the spindle to replace them and we're going to show you how to do that okay let's get started first we'll remove the drill chuck for more information about how to do this check out our video about how to remove a drill press Chuck next we'll remove the belt now we're on the side of the press where the quill spring is located next to that there's a small screw this screw is what keeps the quill from moving side to side in the press we need to remove that next take off the nut and then the set screw will unthread now we can move on to the quill spring itself this spring is under a lot of tension so we have to be careful here we're going to start by removing the outermost nut there's two nuts here because the two nuts together keep the proper tension on that spring so remove the outermost nut first I want to be careful not to unthread this internet while I do this okay now we can move on to that inner nut I want to back it off but not all the way you'll notice on the press right here there's a little lip and that lip fits on to a notch these two together are what are holding the tension on that spring you'll also notice there's a piece of the spring that extends out from this housing when the tension comes off of this if my hands were around that this piece can cut me quite badly so what I'm going to do is with that nut backed off I'm going to take a screwdriver and just pry the housing away from the press and let the spring release on its own like that now I'll go ahead and remove the assembly at this point the only thing holding the quill and spindle assembly into the drill press are the gears between the quill and the handles so to remove the quill and spindle I just simply need to pull the handle away from the press and now the quill and spindle will slide right out now we can move on to removing the spindle from the quill at this point really the only thing holding the spindle to the quill is the friction of the bearings also there's a retaining ring on top we'll need to remove that now we can remove the spindle from the quill ideally you would do this with a bearing press but I doubt many of you have a bearing press at home so I'm going to show you a way you can do with a vise adjusted the opening on my vise so that it's open far enough that will rest on the edge of the quill without interfering with the bearing now I can set the quill on the jaws of the vise and tap on the end of the spindle until it comes free of the bearings like that now we'll remove this bearing from the spindle I want to adjust my vise down again so that it's grabbing just that inner race on the bearing I don't want to be touching the spindle but I do want the jaws to be touching the inner race and now I can tap the spindle free from the bearing now we'll install the new spindle into our press we'll start by installing the bearing back onto the spindle now go ahead and insert the spindle back into the quill and seat those bearings I see this mower quill bearing first and as I did that it'll usually move the upper one out of the quill a little bit so just to be sure that's seated correctly I'll close my vise up a little bit and tap a bit more and that will set that lower bearing now I can go ahead and replace the retaining ring and just make sure that it sets in its little groove now the quill assembly goes back into the press and I remount the handle assembly now we'll go ahead and replace the return spring assembly you'll notice I put on a pair of gloves for this part it's because when we go to retention this spring there is danger of getting cut by that piece of the spring that's exposed that I mentioned earlier so I've just mounted the spring back onto the press it's not under tension right now I'm going to take one of the two nuts that hold that spring and thread it into place but again leave it loose so I still have room to move the spring back and forth against the grill press body now I'm ready to tension the spring I'll turn the spring counterclockwise about one full turn remember that there's the little notches on the spring housing that fit against the tab on the drill press body so when I spin it one turn then I'll just index one of the tabs on to that knotch that should be the correct tension and then I press the housing onto that notch or the tab on the drill press body and tighten up that outer nut now I just need to adjust this nut basically to clamp the spring assembly against the press housing I don't want this too tight and the way I can tell that it is too tight is when I adjust the spindle up and down or the quill up and.

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