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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Blog

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Blog

Hi peeps thanks for stopping by hope you're all having a great day I get asked many questions what are you using right now for shampoo what are you using for body scrub what are you using for this for that the other so I thought why don't I take a shower with them well we're not going to take a shower but I'm going to bring you into my shower so you can see what I am using at the moment I never have just one thing going though peeps you must know that right up front and there is an echo in the shower hill so I'm very sorry about that okay as I said I do not use just one product so you may see two scrubs to cleansers to whatever but anyway i will show you exactly what's in my shower today okay and you even get a peek at louies shelf that's Louisa this is crazy mr. Michel okay so let's start with the top shelf which is Louise shelf I do I share a kerastase shampoo with him because his hair gets a little dry and this one is particularly good for dry hair we also have our clarifying shampoo by camera you all know that I clarified once a week before i do my deep penetrating a hair mask and behind there is a dandruff shampoo for Louis although I think Louie is really more dry scalp than dandruff but you can't teach old dogs new tricks so he likes to have a dandruff shampoo and then he was using the dove men care clean comfort micro moisture this is for body and face he only uses and on his body it smells pretty nice and then he has a keels facial fuel energizing scrub and then he has the scia state owes men cleansing form form that's form home okay that is the cleansing foam this is really nice and to be honest with you peeps I cannot buy this in my area it can be ordered online but i find this at TJ maxx it is not expired so worth looking out there okay I think it was my TJ maxx alright so let's get on to my beautiful items and this is Louise bar soap which is the same as the Dove Medicare he used to use the coast but I think it was too drying for a skin so I was finally able to get him to use a different soap this is mine I'm not sure which formula i think this is a pomegranate one by the nubian heritage that i love i also have a scrub in my shower right now by LaRoche poze and this is an ultrafine scuff scrub but I well I have two scrubs this one here is by Galen and it is the gentle polish exfoliator this one here i will say would be gentle enough for even sensitive skin because it grains on it are very browned and there is nothing sorry there is nothing rough about it then of course i always have a tube of the shiseido benefits extra creamy cleansing cream this is another item that can be found at TJ maxx from time to time for a lot less money or you can buy it at any high-end department store you can also get the set not alta sephora then i'm trying a new line which I have not spoken about I will speak about this soon I wanted to use the product long enough to be able to give a really good review on it it is a vegan no tested on animals free of L paraben sodium lauryl sulfates mineral oil artificial fragrances and chemical preservatives this is the facial cleanser i'm using and that is it for my little then is usually my face area and my body soap what I keep their now down here let me come down here and hope my knees don't give out on me I have talked about my is a healing oil shampoo and conditioner which I love I do have a new conditioner that I did purchase so I i'll probably be bringing that into the shower soon but i am right now trying another of the iboga via and it is their pure fresh strengthening shampoo the scent of it is really lovely but like i said i will talk about that in another video and yes so that i'm using the shampoo and conditioner I don't use it every single day I always switch off and I also i'm trying their nourishing sugar scrub and they're atoning body wash all vegan that's the reason why i'm trying it because a lot of people like things without chemicals in them so i thought i would try them because to be honest with you peeps it's very hard to find those kind of products that are really nice my redken diamond oil which i have talked about the conditioner i have a lien or grail shampoo which I like of course the love of my life right here is my kerastase shampoo you notice i don't have conditioners in these so i do mix other conditioners with these because i finished these conditioners up and then i have a shame moisture this is the target brand which is very very very similar to the nubian heritage and they do put these on sale from time to time i think they're like eight dollars a bottle but this is the raw shea butter wash with frankincense and myrrh two of my favorite favorite anti-aging essential oils and this one itself is an anti-aging hydrating rejuvenating shower wash I love love love love love love the bioderma at an arm PP you can get this at a lady's store in Larchmont New York and it's an ultra-rich foaming gel love it love it love it and then.

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