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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Browse

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Browse

So at this point you know how to store assets using media entity you know how to embed assets using entity embed now let's look at how to browse assets using entity browser so the first thing we need to do is install entity browser so click on extend and search for entity browser and just install entity browser then go to a configuration and click on entity browsers now creating an entity browser requires two steps you first need to create a view which will be used to show a listing of media assets and then you need to create an actual entity browser and then point it to this custom view so let's first create the view so click on structure and then views and click on add new view and we'll call this asset browser and from the show drop down select media and then sort by newest first make sure page settings and block settings both are antiques and click on saving save and edit now the first requirement for this view is to click on add and make sure you select entity browser if you don't do this then you won't be able to select this view when you configure the entity browser in the other section and now click on save just to make sure everything saved so here in the preview section we can see what our entity browser will look like let's fix it up by turning it into a table and let's add in the thumbnail so click on unformatted list and let's change it to table and click on add next two fields and search for thumbnail and I'll select thumbnail as the image style and click on save so here you can see that our entity browser is starting to take shape now the next requirement is we need to add in a custom field for entity browser so click on add and search for form and make sure you add entity browser bulk select form then click on add and configure fields what this does is that it adds in a checkbox which then an editor can use to select the specific asset let's now reorder these fields so the checkbox is up the front so click on rearrange let's fix this up so that the checkbox is first the thumbnail is second and the name of the asset is third when you create your view make sure you do the following make sure that your display is an entity browser and that you add in the entity browser bulk select form field once you've configured everything click on save and now go back to configuration entity browsers and then click on add entity browser now if you see this message this form depends on chaos tools suite module enable it and reload this page this means that you haven't installed C tools so let's go to extend and search for C tools and make sure you install it let's go back to configuration entity browsers and click on add entity browser let's call this asset browser and from display plug-in select iframe because apparently modal isn't compatible with entity embed such as a top tip there leave widget select our plugin as tabs and selection display plug-in as no selection display and then click on next make sure you check auto open entity browser this just saves the editor from having to press a link when they click on the entity embed button it'll just automatically open up the entity browser so just click on next and then Next again and then from here we configure the actual tabs in our entity browser so first select upload images this will let an editor upload image bundles directly from the browser so let's just change the label to upload images and then select view and then come down here and we'll select our view which we created earlier now if you can't see your view here that means you didn't select the entity browser display so go back to your view and simply select entity browser from the Add button and then click on finish ok now we need to attach our entity browser to our entity embed button so let's go back to configuration text edit our embed buttons and then click on edit and you should see a drop down make sure you select the browser which is created asset browser and then click on save now if we go to our test article let's just remove this we should see a proper browser we can upload our images and then we can select our assets so let's just select this image select some male and there you go our asset has been embedded from our fancy new entity browser.

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