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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Chooses

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Chooses

My name is Tony buyer and I'm the owner of tech pack incorporated located in Batavia and st. Charles Illinois a tech pack as an organization or a company is a design centric and a development centric thermoforming organization we have experience in areas from 2 mil thick thermal plastics to 90 mil thick thermoplastics in virtually every product specification or material specification that you could imagine we work with thin films we work with layered films rules and engineering resins we work with the commodity resins as well as the very high-temperature thermal plastics like polycarbonate pecan Alton so as a result of building well over 10,000 prototype development thermal form moles in our history we've literally spit blood on every type of plastic that you could imagine we've developed equipment and techniques to to be able to handle high performance films and flexible films and be able to take take those types of materials and concepts from our customers and develop high performance products that aren't necessarily packages in a lot of cases we're producing parts that are functional parts and they could have unique properties either because of their their flexible nature or because of the the high modulus of the film or because of the heat resistance of the film they were using I think what makes us unique is our experiential learning that we've acquired over many years of being in the thermal forming business pretty much everybody out there has the right software the right designer is the right thermal filming equipment the right CNC equipment and in fact we have two Binford 440s here not many people have that we have all of that sort of equipment facilities that everyone else has but we have many many main years of experience in the thermal forming area as a result of being located in the development section of the curve we've made well over 10,000 prototype and production thermal for molds that's where you learn how to form plastic not so much in the production volume area but in the development this is what we want to bring to solutions for our customers is that experiential learning you.

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