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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Compliant

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Compliant

In this video we're going to be taking a look at how to set up gdpr options in your MailChimp signup form and we're starting right now Music so last week MailChimp rolled out their spring update a lot of features one of which I've already talked about in a previous video which you can find here where I talked about the ability to add in video to the MailChimp landing page the other one that they rolled out is the ability to add in gdpr options to your MailChimp signup form so that's where I'm gonna be talking about today but before we get there a quick request for you to subscribe to the channel and while you're at it be sure to click the bell icon so you won't miss another video that goes up on the channel alright let's get started if you click on learn more about our new form fields it will take you to this page so be help chimp does a good job of outlining everything that you need to do here I'll leave a link to this page down below in the description that you can go check it out for yourself but basically the GDP rs.10 show the general data protection regulation it's coming out from the EU the European Union and it's gonna get rolling off on May 25th 2022 it's been at least a couple years in the works and it's just coming out to fruition and basically it's giving the ability to consumer to control their data one of which is the ability to give consent and for you to have a MailChimp list or any list any email list you will now have to ask permissions get consent before you do anything with their data or you won't be in compliance with the new gdpr laws that's what this is all about this is about it says right here to give freely given specific informed and unambiguous consent for contacts you must clearly explain how you plan to use their personal data so that's what this does so let's get started working out the details the first thing you have to do is go into list name and defaults and to get there you go to lists go to settings then list name in defaults while you're here you want to activate enabled gdpr fields you click that link you click that checkbox there and then you go down here and save list and campaign details from there you gotta go over to your form your signup form builder I'll go back a step here so you can see that so you go back to lists go to signup forms go to form builder click select and then if you scroll down here you'll see this new section here called marketing permissions now if I click on that field you'll see over here on the right-hand side that the information is changed to the gdpr options so the field label and we're going to get to the next section is important in the description you would put in something that you know you are control of your data this is this is what this mail list does and all that type of stuff right so what you're gonna get what are you gonna get from us and how are we gonna treat your data that's the type of information you want to put in the description and also be mindful of the legal text now this middle section here our options I just have it as email but in here you have to put in all the uses that you'll be using for the email contact information I just have email in this test but you could put in advertising marketing retargeting look like audiences like you have to specify everything and then get consent okay so the easiest one of course is just we want your email because we want to send some marketing material to you and give you some updates and some how to's and all that stuff that you know most people would do right so just some basic I want to give you information that's useful to you I would just choose email if I was marketing to them I would have to select marketing if I was going to be advertising to them or using their contact information for advertising purposes I would have to expressly make that them aware that that's what's going to happen and get their consent now the question is how do you get that consent and that's the next stage we segmentation so here's the demet list with the contact information here and all I did was I went from stats let's see I went to manage contacts view contacts okay and then I click on create a segment from the drop-down list here we're going to select marketing permissions because that was the label in the gdpr options again you can call it whatever you want I'll keep it as the default as marketing permissions and if you notice here it has email right so if I went over here and I added a new option such as advertising and then save fields go over back to our segmentation we'll cancel that one will create segmentation click marketing permissions and now I have to email and advertising and I have to create two segmentations so I have to create for each option for each consent that I need to get I have to create a snoo segment okay now I already have one for let me X out of that view save segments I already have one for gdpr email so let's create a new one for the advertising so let's just select advertising contacts all I'm gonna code to preview segment it's gonna be a nice goose egg here and I'm gonna over click over here click on save segment save as segment.

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