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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Compute

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Compute

Okay anyway so what is this problem say how much heat being kilojoules is evolved or absorbed in the burning of fifteen point five grams of protein so well I guess we can figure out is it going to be evolved or absorbed evolve how do you know that this is thing right so the equal and that means like leave the system to play the dinosaurs okay so we're trying to figure out the number of or how much heat is involved in the burning of 15 1.5 grams of propane so we know the mass of propane fifteen point five grams and we want to know the number of moles so let's change this to me and we know the molar mass we've got that 44.94 grams J or a mall cancel so that's one mole of C three age rate and what else do we know if you want to get energy up here right so what what conversion factor we can use this is what you guys were saying like that right because I got one mole the negative 2 0 for 4 so now all we got to do is plug each other and so it's going to be the three sigfigs so seven one nine kilojoules of energy visible okay cool let's go up to the lab guys and we'll continue this discussion.

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