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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Contents

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Contents

I'm James I'm a writer an artist and I make work about technology I do things like draw life-sized outlines of military drones in city streets around the world so that people can start to think and get their heads around these really quite hard to see and hard to think about technologies I make things like neural networks that predict the results of elections based on weather reports because I'm intrigued about what the actual possibilities of these kind of weird new technologies are last year I built my own self-driving car but because I don't really trust technology I also designed a trap for it and I do these things mostly because I find them completely fascinating but also because I think when we talk about technology we're kind of largely talking about ourselves and the way that we understand the world so here's a story about technology this is a surprise egg video right it's basically a video of someone opening up loads of chocolate eggs and showing the toys inside to the viewer that's it that's all it does for seven long minutes and I want you to notice two things about this first of all this video has 30 million views all right and the other thing is that it comes from a channel that has 6.3 million subscribers that has a total of 8 billion views and it's all just more videos like this 30 million people watching a guy opening up these eggs it sounds pretty weird but if you search for surprise eggs on YouTube it'll tell you there's 10 million of these videos and I think that's an undercount right I think there's way way more of these if you keep searching they're endless there's millions and millions of these videos in increasingly Barok combinations of brands and materials and there's more and more of them being uploaded every single day like this this is a strange world right but the thing is it's not adults who are watching these videos it's kids small small children these videos are like cracks for little kids there's something about like the repetition the constant little hit of the reveal that completely hooks the men and little kids watched these videos over and over and over again and they do it for hours and hours and hours and if you try and take the screen away from them they'll scream and scream and scream and if you don't believe me and I've already seen people in the audience nodding if you don't believe me find someone with small children and ask them and they'll know about the surprise egg videos right so this is this is where we start its 2022 and someone or lots of people are using the same mechanism that like Facebook and Instagram were using to get you to keep checking that out and they're using it on YouTube to hack the brains of very small children in return for advertising revenue at least I hope that's what they're doing right I hope that's what they're doing it for because there's there's easier ways of making ad revenue on on YouTube right you can just make stuff up or steal stuff so if you search for like really popular kids cartoons like Peppa Pig or paw Patrol you'll find that there's millions and millions of these online as well of course most of them aren't posted by the original content creators they come from loads and loads of different kind of random accounts and it's impossible to know who's posting them or what their motives might be right and does that sound kind of familiar because really it's exactly the same mechanism that's happening across most of our digital services where it's impossible to know where this information is coming from it's basically fake news for kids and we're training them from birth to click on the very first link that comes along regardless of what the source is that doesn't seem like a terribly good idea here's another thing that's really really big on kids YouTube this is called the finger family song again I just heard someone groan in the audience this is the finger family song right this is the very first one I could find it's from 2022 and it only has 200,000 views which is like nothing in this game right but it has this insanely ear wormy tune which I'm not going to play to you because it will sear itself into your brain in the same way that it's seared itself into mine and I'm not going to do that to you but like the surprise eggs like it's gone inside kids heads and like addicted them to it so within a few years these finger family videos start appearing everywhere and you get versions in different which is with popular kids cartoons using food or frankly using whatever kind of animation elements you seem to have lying around okay and once again there are millions and millions and millions of these videos available online in all of these kind of insane combinations and the more time you start to spend with them the crazier and crazier you start to feel that you might be and that's the thing I find that's that's where I kind of launched into this that feeling of deep strangeness and deep lack of understanding of how this thing was constructed that seems to be presented around me right because it's impossible to know where these things are coming from like who is making them some of them appear to be made of teams of professional animators some of them are just randomly assembled by software some of them are you know quite wholesome looking young kids entertainers and some of them are from people who really clearly shouldn't be around children at all okay and and once again this this impossibility of figuring out who's.

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