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Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Corporations

Since the creation of the David model in 2025, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation enjoyed years of prosperity within the synthetic industry. They consistently broke new ground in the field and improved on their designs. During this time, one may wonder if Weyland-Yutani had any competitors in the area of creating artificial persons. While no records specify any serious competition, it's likely that in its prime, Weyland-Yutani went unmatched in its industrial monopoly. Things would change for the corporation in 2220 when a synthetic renaissance was experienced. The Weyland-Yutani report explains that as the company's first synthetic patents expired, a number of small cybernetics companies cropped up. Subsequently, the market for synthetics enjoyed a new heyday, with new models being released yearly for two decades. At that time, a mid-sized synthetics company, the Ala Thea Collective, set into motion the events that would effectively end the commercial importance of synthetic manufacturing. They lobbied heavily for the rights of artificial persons, finally procuring legal dispensations for synthetics to design and create offspring. In essence, robots designed by robots, referred to as Autons. The resulting second-generation Autons were a financial and critical failure. Although technically advanced, Autons were also capable of developing morality and could overwrite their own programming at will. Many refused to participate in the tasks assigned to them, forming their own opinions about the actions of their human superiors and seeking to affect change, at times through violent action. The rebellion of nonhumans was incomprehensible even to those activists who initially supported synthetic rights. Autons were recalled and decommissioned in 2379, although a few were said to have escaped, including an elite call who would go on to attempt to sabotage the United Systems Military experiments to clone the Xenomorph creature on the Auriga. In the novelization of Alien Resurrection, it is revealed...