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A cast is now starting all attendees are in listen-only mode hello everybody good afternoon this is Nick Sarnoff America Lucian's welcome from snowy New York City here today we've got a fun event planned for us today super excited as our organization to lodge the first of a few of these webinar series coming up in the next couple of weeks and months ahead so for the folks that don't know me my name is Nick Sarno I'm a director with our organization and our agenda today is going to take us through a couple of different areas really my main role in this event here today is to give us some overview some content and some material about our organization at a high level supporting customers implement and utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 it's really for the next 10 or 15 or so minutes I'm going to spend talking with you to set the stage for our actual deep dive demo with Chris Berg I'm in the agenda in front of us here today you'll see we've got a couple of different areas to walk through Josh if you can advance to the next slide please thank you so to really set the stage for context and perspective really wanted to reinforce a few points here with what we're working with here today as we're all familiar with by the world today around us is rapidly changing probably faster than at any other point in history it's really the way we gauge this is the indicator of the fourth Industrial Revolution that is emerging which is what we call the digital revolution really all of this driven by the rise of big data the growth of the cloud as well as a new era of intelligent capabilities utilizing mobile IOT machine learning and artificial intelligence so really those technologies have the power to disrupt almost every industry which is why we're super excited to be playing in this space here today and really the depth and breadth of changes resulting in the transformation of these systems can be felt across production management governance etc so so really all this to say that at Microsoft and merit solutions our ambition really as a company is to help democratize this fourth Industrial Revolution by providing organizations the building blocks to actually empower them to build innovate and ultimately transform so really that's setting the stage for us here today and really at the core of all this is data so we view data as a key strategic asset which combined with the cloud really has the potential to provide some really unique intelligent the capabilities to help these organizations grow Josh if you can go to the next slide please thank you so really at the forefront of this what I wanted to spend a couple minutes walking through is you know what is Dynamics 365 and why is it so relevant to this fourth Industrial Revolution that I just shared about so so for folks that don't know Dynamics 365 is a product line of enterprise resource planning ERP and customer relationship management CRM applications announced by Microsoft in July of 2021 the product itself was generally released in November first 26 2021 as part of the Microsoft Dynamics product suite roughly in terms of numbers there are approximately to date about 5 million individual users of the software and approximately 40,000 customers globally utilizing Dynamics 365 and really across all major vertical industries etc there dynamics 365 so dynamics 365 is really a business application platform for digital transformation that ultimately combined the tools that people are already familiar with the familiar Microsoft tools that folks are familiar with so so whether you're familiar with office 365 power bi power apps etc really booths are all things that play a key part with the dynamics 365 product suite so really on the outside are the familiar applications that that most users are familiar with on the inside and that wheel they're really those are the individual applications that are components of the broader Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite so really what it allows organizations to do is pick and choose which particular application their organization wants to take advantage of and start utilizing here so really for the purposes of today we're going to focus only actually on one of those applications namely the finance and operations application but the point being that really the application itself Dynamics 365 allows organizations at their own pace to actually adopt different key workloads and different different processes as their organizations grow and evolve Josh got on that slide please Thanks and so as I shared earlier really today we're going to focus only on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations application and so really wanted to drill a little bit deeper into it to give some context into the actual functionality and solution skill sets that are available within it so so really from the point of actually using the application there's multiple ways users can actually use the software so whether that's you know from their computers from their laptops from their phones really from other services with power bi there's multiple ways to actually interface with the application then in terms of the actual business rules and capabilities there's numerous actually functional areas within finance and operations such as supply chain management production and Finance itself that actually are folded under that broader umbrella and then finally at the core for all of that is really the the power of the Microsoft cloud so the solution set is actually hosted on Microsoft as your network software as a service based and really they're getting the best capabilities with Microsoft Azure stack at the core of this product so I should go to next slide please thank you so kind of wrap up my talking points here today before I turn over to Chris just wanted to give.

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