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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Navigation

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Navigation

Hello friends welcome back and today I'm going to show you how you can implement a responsive navigation bar and first of all thanks for your support and love you showed in my earlier navigation bar video so let me show you how it work this is a responsive navigation bar and this is a PNG Red Bull image which I have downloaded from Google and shaved in Photoshop and the actual size of this image is I have said it 200 pixel width and height 17 pixel so here I'm using Mozilla Firefox just come to here and click on developer option click on responsive design mode so you can see this is the last text op and when we go to the smaller screen like tab or Y it will it will behaves like a responsiveness make me sure you can see here is the size of the Red Bull icon yoga is a mini name small so this is a feature of this navigation bar everything is summarized and this is this is a mobile and standard with four max with 480 pixel this four tab this will last last tab and this is for desktop and this for a very large screen so let me start a new page let me save it as so let me start with our html5 and I'm using only html5 and HTML and CSS so stream and save it and saving it as navbar dot HTML save HTML let me increase the size font okay I do squats it you should know one important thing for the responsiveness nigga u equals V port and for content line was two with holes to device with equals to device it then you should scale equals to 1.so actually yeah this is a meta tag and name of this mattock is viewport it will help to adjust the size of web page in any device any size of a screen that's why I'm writing here with equals free watch it spool and one relation link and style dot CSS so create a new page and save it as style bar CSS save done as you can see with ID goes to header close the tail and divide epod Schrader and our your tag close this here bag and within this year dad list close this list and within this list need an anchor tag draft equals to hash or nothing I gotta close and right here Oh copy this three four five times for that you want and the next time you go to show boom services products and called practice that just contact about it is better and anything lot save this and copy file part and come to the browser didn't close this paste here I see this is a list of lists and home services bout with a little margin and padding and Lisa style and anchor tag line etc it is 646 okay your time is a going very fast to a hair is only content what you type hundred say and a strictly means select everything Aztecs means select everything and give it a margin pixel adding 0x save and then body background color favorite Skype come to the project or refresh so you can see I have selected everything by a stick sign and give it margin and padding zero pixel body with background sky blue now this step to select a header you a tag and give it give a tidy laugh I say style cache Napa now Barbie not first not number first hit copy this header and accomplished I'll move this lap bar and give it header and with set 100% and high 80 pixel and sorry I've given with I did agree cylinder background hash 53 if refresh also so we have an app we have had a bit of stuff with 100% in height is 80 pixel what is the sound coming behind hash nav bar thousand pixel in a bar with thousand pixel and here is a little time we need to understand this I have a year tag within this year tech I have a list of elements so I'm making a responsive Napa so I have to keep everything in my mind I have I considered fide list so I and I have given width of this navbar thousand pixel so we need to divide this list in equal size of this navbar so this is a width of this Navarez thousand pixel so if we take 200 200 pixel for each list then it will cover 200 plus 200 plus 200 plus 200 it will be thousand pixel so from here and hash navbar the list and give up with 100 pixel have given earlier so yeah now you will not realized but now set up with the little cylinder height 86 build same as the header and so now I am showing you border one pixel solid one let me check what is the soft coming from outside one pixel white saw it save it and the prongs are fresh so you can see a white border and width of this order a this div is a thousand pixel so we need to keep it and the right side because you I want to keep the logo here so float right save and refresh okay now let's type float all left list is left float okay and now I'm going to take list anchor tag within I'm targeting anchor tag so just for display block and width of each anchor tag will be I have already given with 200 pixels so no need to give within the anchor tag color white and line height each pixel as with awe as a sailor the height of this from Napa pixel and text-align:center form family cursive font from size 20 dick sir so you can see there is an output list and you I am taking a break.

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