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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Publication

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Publication

Hi everyone this is Rebecca Lynch and today I'm going to be talking about how to format your manuscript for self publishing now there are a lot of tutorials out there about you know how to write a book and how to self publish but very few of I'm actually going to details about how to format your manuscript and the reason for this is that there's a lot of services out there we can get someone else to format it for you but that costs a lot of money and I figure why pay when you can just do it for free so a good way to get started is to actually use a template now there are a lot of templates available on lulu.com if you don't want to publish with Lulu ultimately you can just come here and use their templates okay and they have a lot of different sizes to choose from one of the most popular is a5 that's where I generally use US trade which is a six by nine inch book is also another popular size but for this tutorial I'm going to use a five so all you do is you go to publish books and scroll down you can choose different sizes from up here or do it down here and you just download the template and I have one open right here and this is what it looks like and to show you what makes it different from a normal document is that it's actually formatting you know it has a top bottom margin inside outside that are all set for print but also there's a gutter which is very important and this affects the inside where the book is going to be bound together and you need to have a gutter if you're going to be making a print book because that's the part that's going to get kind of cut off you won't be actually able to see that part because it'll be in the binding but so if you use a template like this one it comes preset with the gutter built in so it'll alternate on the first page will be on this side and on the second page will be on this side so on therefore now I'm also going to show you an example of one of my books that I've already put together to give you example of how you need to do the text and how you need to format it so this is one of the books I've written and published from my site to country series and so on the first page your manuscript what you're going to want to do is have your title page and best ideas just to Center that and give yourself plenty of room around it and then the second page is going to be your copyright page and it could be kind of difficult to come up with all the things all this you know legal mumbo gumbo yourself the best way to figure out what to put on this page is actually just to get a book off the shelf and look at its com copyright page it's really best thing you know you need to list your copyright here if someone made a cover for you list that here I like to include my editors just give them a little shout out also this is where you'll include your eyes being the nice thing about Lulu if you do publish with them is that they'll provide you a free ISBN number which is really great because they can get kind of expensive if you want to purchase them on your own but you definitely need to have one of those so your second page will be copyright third page most books have this not all of them do so it's not really necessary but this is just a second title page which you know is an introduction to the main content of your book now as you'll notice this is a blank page ignore them little header and footer I'll get back to that in a second but this is a blank page and you might be wondering why it's there it's kind of hard to tell when you view the book like this so let me zoom out and show you well that's too far there we go alright when you view the book like this it kind of gives you idea of what the front and the back pages are going to be when you print you know your cover page is going to be on the front and this is going to be on the back of that page so after that one this is going to be the front of the next page and then you're going to have a blank on the back and when you print they're not going to automatically put in those point pages for you so you have to include them on your manuscript so everything doesn't get smushed together and after that blog page if you want to have a table of contents that will come next I like having one just because chapters get pretty long sometimes in books especially this one the this book is three hundred and nine pages so I definitely felt like I need to include a table contents and there's tons of different ways to format those you don't have to Center on it you can put titles on this side and page numbers over here it's really up to you again a good way to get an idea of how you want to do this is just to pick up another book who has one and just get an idea from them and after you've done all your frontmatter I just have some verses in mind but you can ignore that you actually start with the first chapter of your book is something you.

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