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Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Rates

I'm Dylan Edwards and I'm a coffee expert it is actually horrific ly terrible Music with these two coffees the difference is starkly obvious coffee a has a really dark glossy surface it even smells somewhat pungent just holding it whereas coffee B is cinnamon II in color it sort of has a silver skin intact in each of the beans so it's definitely a light roast it's not necessarily a direct indication of price difference it is a personal preference some people just really enjoy dark roasted coffee versus a light roasted coffee however a dark roasted coffee generally is going to mask a lot of the flavors in the coffee itself kind of like a heavy sauce it's gonna sort of just cover up all the sweetness and all the inherent characteristics of the coffee and really impart a Carboni sort of smoky flavor whereas with a light roast the nuances of the coffee the flaws the good attributes and the bad ones really do shine through with a light roast you're looking at more often than not a higher quality coffee and with a dark roast it's a little bit hard to say what the quality might be we will of course brew them and taste them and then see from there so the first thing I'm doing is just rinsing these filters the reason behind that is a lot of paper filters will actually impart a bit of a papery flavor in your cups you want to really wash out some of that flavor just scarred it before you bring your coffee so you got a really clean the coffee we have our filters rinsed we're gonna grind our coffee first thing I always do is smell them part of that is heat masks flavor you don't want to drink your coffee that's piping hot not only did not burn your tongue but also because it's really hard to taste that's why if you go to a gas station when you're on a road trip and you have a really piping hot gas station cup of coffee you could probably get half of it down without noticing it but as it cools off and it's sitting in your cup holder it's gonna taste awful coffee a is a definitely got like a really molasses e texture like almost the experience of having raw sugar on your tongue it kind of leaves one with like an almost bitter sweet kind of sweetness the acidity is extremely muted here what I'm getting is overall like a very velvety mouthfeel general kind of OneNote Wow after drinking coffee a coffee B is like drinking fruit juice there's like clear kind of stone fruit acidity it almost tastes like a sweet peach kind of nectarine flavor probably wondering why I'm slurping really loudly slurping the coffee taking some air in with your your sip is actually a great way to sort of aspirate your palate into to incorporate lots of air as you're tasting we actually taste a lot with our nasal passage so as we're bringing air in when we're tasting we really activate our olfactory sense and we really incorporate our sensory ability to taste I would say that sample B is the more expensive of the two just based on the transparency and the clarity of the sweetness press sample a is most likely a let's see Music hey wallah with darker roasts the coffee itself isn't necessarily inferior however more often than not the dark of the roast the less and less you can actually taste the origin character of the coffee with coffee a like I said I'm not necessarily certain that that quality of the beans are inferior but I can say that I cannot taste the origin character at all really just tasting a very caramelized very carbonic flavor that gives me a general impression of roast flavors whereas sample B is a very fresh very fruited very clear crisp flavor profile it definitely tastes like a unique flavor of origin I see pretty stark difference between a and B B is a fairly uniform looking being it has really whole clean kind of appearance to it the roast is a bit lighter all of the beans are fully intact they're a very uniform shape and size as sample a here there are some very misshapen beans and very small bits broken bits or even some of these pale colored blonde pieces and and beans themselves which we refer to as Quakers which are basically under ripe coffee seeds that are picked too early I'm gonna say this is a specialty coffee and this is a commercial-grade coffee just based on a beer really really bitter almost kind of sour as well honestly the aroma has kind of gone from just a rusty smell to now it almost smells like kind of a wet newspaper it's very bitter I instantly want to put a lot of sugar in this coffee this coffee is clear it's sweet it's a exciting coffee has really great sweetness has really good flavors this is a kind of coffee that I'd really want to just enjoy on its own black this coffee is the kind of coffee I'd expect on most flights and I'd really only asked for it if I was super desperate let's see how much they are Music Wow big difference needless to say these are very different coffees every step behind this coffee had to have been carefully managed for this cup to be so sweetened so clear this coffee is something that probably grew at a variety of altitudes it's grown with out of focus it was probably not even dried carefully or milled carefully it probably came from a very voluminous rose tree that was really looking to shave cost and to really just produce a drinkable caffeine beverage and and not something that was really delicious these two samples are.

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