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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Sufficient

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Sufficient

Hi there I'm training to be an enzyme survivor exploring ways to listen and learn so that I can live during the tough times ahead the more self-sufficient we are the less dependent we are on the system however reaching complete self-sufficiency can only happen when we bring in a special ingredient stay tuned find out what that is self sufficiency is helpful for a number of reasons it enables us to thrive on frugal living which requires us to think outside the box and be resourceful what we need is often freely available around us reusing recycling materials feels good because we know we're getting the most out of what we have rather than squandering resources working with the Lund sensitively reduces our carbon footprint and reminds us that anything we take in excess of what we need is felt by others as we're all interconnected and interdependent self-sufficiency also requires us to be self disciplined hardworking and carry our own weight finding solutions like fixing things ourselves boosts confidence and in the process our tool and skill sets increase however self sufficiency can only go so far even if we could find a perfect spot of land or a great community of idealists becoming totally self-sufficient is hard to do the system wants people to be dependent on it it has no interest in getting people to find ways to become free of it it's really all about money including taxes self sufficiency that is dependent honors accumulating possessions or land no matter how sustainable is not real self sufficiency because if the powers-that-be wish to refuse access to lund or possessions they invariably can find a way of doing so however by bringing God sufficiency into the picture we break totally and permanently free of the system we have found in something Jesus taught and demonstrated a key to realizing total sufficiency he said anyone who works for love rather than money will have his material needs looked after by God the creator of everything and the real owner of the world working for love and not money is another way of saying that we stopped trying to sustain ourselves and we focus on the needs of others instead God wants to show us a higher form of survival than merely existing for the sake of it the word survival actually means living above this new plane of existence is one that the system can never take away from us the world is vast heading towards a cashless society soon it will be impossible to buy and sell without the system's compulsory form of Technol money the only permanently safe haven will come from listening to God and being guided by him from day-to-day learning self sufficiency may help us adapt more than the average person to environmental political and economic of evil however no matter how strong we may think we are or how many skills we may have we're not going to be able to survive the coming storm unless we put our faith in something more powerful than ourselves this higher power may guide us to refuge or feeding clothe us in ways we never expected but he may also tell us to lay down our lives for the sake of a bigger eternal one that is our ultimate snub to the system and something for which they have no answer in summary bringing God into the picture makes our self-sufficiency complete God may lead us to develop skills and use self-sufficient outlets for a limited purpose and time however we mustn't see these as ends in themselves paradoxically it's when we stop worrying about ourselves and get busy loving God and others that our needs will be met in ways that we cannot imagine this gives us the best chance thriving now and managing the challenges changes on our doorstep if you found this video helpful please subscribe so you can stay up to date with all the videos we'll be uploading over the coming weeks for more information check out the link in the description below the video and post a comment on the end time survivors forum.

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