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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Ting

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Ting

Hello I'm at marina from alpha M and today I'm going to help you choose a new hairstyle based on your face shape and this video is going to be broken up into two separate sections section number one I'm going over the textbook how to a base shape hairstyle selection and in the second part I'm going to tell you what this expert says I'm going to break it down keep it simple to make sure that you actually know how to pick a new hairstyle for you so last week we discussed how to choose the proper eyeglasses based on face shape and really once you understand it it comes down to balance and contrast and if you missed that video I would probably start there there's a link below this video in the description that'll take you there and then come back to this video once you have identified what face shape you actually have but unlike eyeglasses hair styles of face shape is totally a more complex idea concept and principle in general you've got a whole lot of other things that you've got to take into account as opposed to just your face shape right with glasses it's simple there are only like four or five different shapes hairstyles are you kidding me there's probably a billion of those bad boys and just like glasses multiple hairstyles are going to work for multiple face shapes alright step number one identify your face shape and remember there are four different options and you are one of them and you are either oval square round or triangle and I know that you're going to find all the shapes and books but really when you break it down there are four and just like with glasses choosing a hairstyle based on your face shape is all about balance and contrast if you have a round face go for hair styles that offer dimension look for hair styles that are more angular and alpha M terms what that basically means is if you've got a round face you want to stay away from big rounded hairstyles alright you want to get something that's a little bit more angular probably tighter on the sides and the back this is not the best hairstyle for this gentleman he is a round face and needs a hairstyle a bit more angular to offset the roundness by choosing a hairstyle that is a bit more angular this is actually going to contrast and complement his round face if you have an oval face shape then you're pretty lucky because most hairstyles actually complement this face shape there is an exception however I would probably avoid heavy bangs if you have an oval-shaped face now this gentleman has an oval-shaped face but it actually looks a little bit heavier and rounder because of the heavy bangs covering half of his forehead and if your face is square due to the angular nature and construction of that face you want to go with the hairstyle that actually softens those hard lines here's a great example of what not to do this gentleman has a fairly square face combine that with a tight angular hairstyle he looks like Herman Munster triangle face shape are pretty lucky also you can get away with most styles and you actually look great with some longer options to emphasize this face shape hairstyle point I've got two guys with very similar hair texture but very different face shapes see who looks better here it is two guys very similar hair texture but very different facial structure the guy on the left looks great with big flowing locks of lusciousness the guy on the right needs a definite tighter style to offset the roundness of his face so it's a makin sense I hope it does because it's really not that complicated when you think about it all right I gotta buy your face shape and then choose a hairstyle that actually complements your face shape and by complement we mean contrast so if your real round stay away from rounded styles if your real structured staying away from real structured style all right now that is technically the proper way to choose a hairstyle based on face shape cool right well if you go and actually try to find a new hairstyle you're going to be looking at hair styles you're getting you're looking at fake you're not going to know what the heck is going on and so now I thought that I'd actually give you some pointers and tips on how to choose a great hairstyle with and it had nothing to do with face shape there are some other factors that you do however need to consider so I have worked with thousands of guys and helped them pick out new hair styles and the way that it works they'll send me a picture I look at the picture and what do I look at first their face shaped panel no I look at their hair texture wavy curly straight thin thick balding whatever and then I look at their hairline is a receding in the front maybe on the sides do that widow's peak is it squared off those two factors their hair texture and their hairline are the two biggest things in determining what hairstyle is going to suit them so what I would recommend you do if you're looking for a new hairstyle is actually think or look or keep your eye out for a celebrity that has a very similar hair texture and hairline to yourself once you've identified that celebrity or that person what you need to do is let Google do the work go to Google Images and do a search for that celebrity what you're going to find is hundreds of images of that celebrity with similar hair to you and celebrities are always changing their hair style due.

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