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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Waiver

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Waiver

Music if you received a notice from the Social Security Administration stating that you have been overpaid you may not have to pay it back social security regulations allow the local Social Security office to waive the overpayment if the situation meets several criteria in order to get your Social Security waive it must meet one of the following circumstances first it isn't your fault in order to meet this criteria you must be able to prove that it's entirely the fault of the Social Security Administration the second criteria is if you cannot afford to pay back the amount of the overpayment if you're on Supplemental Security income this will usually prove that you cannot pay it back if you aren't on so Supplemental Security income then you will need to fill out the financial statement and provide document proving you cannot pay back the amount of the overpayment in some situations it may be considered unfair to force you to pay back the overpayment even if you have the money such as having the money but relying on it to pay for major medical costs these situations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis if you make one of these requirements than an administrative law judge may be able to waive your overpayment you should start by filling out a request for waiver of overpayment form look for a link to this form on this page Music let's talk about how an overpayment occurs the amount of your benefits is determined by a variety of factors and any changes that miscalculations and those factors could cause an overpayment there are several common situations that could cause an overpayment if you're on Social Security disability insurance our SSDI you're entitled to an amount based on what you paid into your Social Security during your working life sometimes that amount might be reduced for payments of child support Medicare premiums student loans bar to cover a pass overpayment it is rare that Social Security incorrectly calculates the amount of yourself your SSDI check however if you began working and Social Security determines that you're a medically improved are that you otherwise didn't qualify because you made money they may notify you that the months you receive payments or overpayment if you have Social Security insurance you're entitled to specific amount of benefits that may be reduced by child support student loans or other circumstances including income or in-kind support for example if you live with a family member and do not pay market value rent Social Security may reduce your payment if you're getting help from a family member and Social Security doesn't know or if you are earning money and Social Security is not keeping track of the earnings you could have an overpayment another reason for an overpayment is if they think you had more than two thousand in assets or three thousand for a couple during any specific month if you've had a savings account and it went over two thousand dollars in three months you're asked you may be asked to repay when Social Security is determining if you received an overpayment they can go back as far as when you started receiving Social Security Music if you are asking to have your overpayment waived the Social Security Administration will want to know what caused you to receive the overpayment if you have a payee someone who receives your benefits for you that person may be responsible if they didn't report a change in your circumstances you will have the opportunity to explain this on the request for waiver form that you will fill out here are some examples of situations you may have to explain if you claim that you didn't know you had to report income you will need to prove that you weren't notified when you were approved for benefits if you say that you didn't understand or weren't able to follow the directions then you may be required to have a payee in the future to handle your benefit checks for you if you did report your income you will need to explain who you reported it to and if you reported it by phone or mail give details such as dates notes phone logs copies of what you mailed and other credible information this information may help prove that the overpayment was not your fault if the Social Security Administration is saying that you have income you do not have you might have been a victim of identity theft so it is important to follow up Social Security can tell you what to do if you have not earned any money but there are earnings on your record if some Security Administration claims you were getting financial help from a friend or family member and you were not you might need to prove this by showing how much rent you pay especially if you rent from a family member sometimes an overpayment notice may be sent if the Social Security Administration believes you aren't disabled anymore because of your work or medical improvement if you are still disabled you should explain that on your request for waiver form if you are working and reporting income you might also have an overpayment due to confusion or misapplication of work incentives for example if you are using an impairment related work expenses program you should explain that on your request for waiver form there are many other situations that could cause an overpayment such as having an income changes from month to month failure to report child support payments or receiving your regular payments or being institutionalized in a hospital or jail which would mean you shouldn't have received benefits during that time when claiming that the overpayment wasn't your fault on their request for waiver form you will need to be very specific about what efforts you made to report your income or that you didn't have control of your income or.

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