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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 2220 Website

Instructions and Help about Why Form 2220 Website

Music today in this tutorial I will show you how you can create a fully working contact form using HTML CSS and PHP so here we have a demo contact form let's fill this form I will write a name any email id here this is wrong okay and I will write any message now I will click on the send button so here you can see on my email address I have received the inquiry like user name email and message okay so this is very easy to create this form so let's begin creating this contact form in any text editor Here I am using brackets editor okay so I will write some basic HTML quotes and here I will add title contact form design I will write some message on this page so I will create a class and I will write a message in h1 tag you okay now I will save this file as index dot HTML I will save it in my folder okay index dot HTML then now let's see this page I will open with Chrome so here you can see the message now I will create a new file and this will be our CSS file you a large margin adding text alignment and I will add a background image here here we have an image pic one dot jpg - so I will write the complete phylum no background sage Babylon pollution font-family and i will save this file as style dot CSS in the same folder now I will link this CSS file to HTML file write this code to link your CSS file to HTML file save this file and now let's check your webpage okay there is something wrong in the background okay mmm here now I will save this file and now refresh now you can see the background image also now we will write codes for the title I'll add a margin in the top text color text transform chimes yourself and safe so now you can see the white color texture now write code for h1 tag now for h2 okay then now come back to your HTML page and here we will add a form we'll give a form ID method post' action and here I will link the PHP file that I will do later first I will create the input fields this will be the name name filled your name and this is required filled okay now copy this one and paste now change it to email so this will be the email field the placeholder will be your email and this is also required after that there will be a text area where an user can enter their message okay now we'll create a send button here okay then now save this file and check your webpage so now you can see a form here but I will write some CSS code for this one they will add margin transition now we write CSS code for form control I will set the width of input fields and background border outlined border bottom that will be one pixel solid gray color it will be white and font size margin bottom okay save this file and check the web page you can see the background is transparent of the form I will set the height of input field and I will write code for this submit button so this will be the color of the submit button and water color transparent color white and font size 20 pixel font weight letter spacing and height then margin Tom okay I will save this file and now you can see button also okay now I will add a hovercraft on this button okay now you can see the change in the color okay when you will take cursor so save this file and I will open a new file and here I will create the PHP code okay save this file as dot PHP so I will name it as contact form handler dot PHP okay now I will write some code for name so this will store the name of your users and visitor email this will restore the email ID of your visitors and message this will store the message now I will write email from okay here you can use your own email address from where you want to send the email and here you write the email subject so I will write new form submission and email body so this will be sent on your email so first line will be name then user email then user message now right - and this will be your email address where do you want to receive the inquiries okay now write headers from and here it will be email from and again headers reply to now here you write mail and to this will send the email on your email address okay with email subject and email body and headers and here I will write this page name index dot HTML and here you type the PHP page name that is that is contact form handler dot PHP in your form okay so like this it will send the information to your PHP page and PHP page will send the email but this code will not work on because your computer cannot run the PHP code so you need to upload this complete code on your server then it will work ok thanks for watching this tutorial.

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