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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Adjustment

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Adjustment

Hi I'm Nils Rasmussen I am a cheapskate and I my wife sewing machine is broken here so I called a sewing machine repair place and they told me it was going to be $90 to fix it so decided to do a little internet research figure out how to fix it if I could myself and unfortunately as you'll see here this was just a fix that required some adjustment no parts or anything like that so the fix we'll be doing today is if you're the hook the circle with the hook on it under here I don't know the term so I apologize but if that's not grabbing on to the thread which is causing the making the loop so that it actually shows properly in my case that's just spinning around the threads coming it's not grabbing on to anything so that's what we're going to be fixing today and let's go ahead and get started so as you can see I've got a Singer sewing machine here this is an older one and I guess that's relative but anyway I've taken some basic tools I've got a Phillips or flathead pair of pliers and some Allen wrenches and I've taken the bottom off of the sewing machine which is pretty easy to do just a couple of screws and loosening a nut and that's all taken apart so okay so here's the underside of the sewing machine as you can see there's a lot of gears and mechanisms and such going on here so we've got our power terminal down at the bottom or the power block and then here's the drive shaft as telling you about so it's this silver metal silver piece right in the middle here that comes along and what we're going to be focus on on today to fix this is actually going to focus here this is this black bearing I'm not sure again I'm not good with terms and stuff like that but we're going to be working with that and as we turn the handwheel back here you'll see this turning and then it exposes I've already loosened this up so that's why it's not turning quite so well but you see this little bushing right here or the set screw and that is what we're going to be loosening - to adjust the hook the hook wheel if I rotate the wheel here you can see there's only in this case there's just one set screw in there I've seen other videos where there are two set screws on this piece so just basically what we're trying to do is find the one that has the gear on the end that controls the turning of that hook wheel over on the back side here so what I just did was adjusted this loose loosen this and in my case at least it's just on a number I just used a what is this now two and a half millimeter allen key here so just loosen that kind of played around with it and I just happen to get pretty lucky on the timing of that one where I just tighten it down just to show okay so our goal here and I think I just in loosening and tightening that set screw down on the bearing number lower the bushing down below it looks like and I've already got it started to be fixed so as you can see as I'm rotating this down as soon as it gets down you'll see the hook enter the picture from the right there it is there there it is yep and you see it just grabbed on right there and that's what we want so if I reverse that out let's make sure that happens okay you know what I think I may have just gotten it and that was just by sheer luck so as it's just kind of at its lowest point that hook should be passing right by it and then snagging on so like I say it looks like we might have it here so I'm going to put this partially back together and give it a try and we'll see okay I just put it partially back together and I'm kind of shocked and amazed honestly that with that first attempt it seemed to work so as you can see just got on a straight stitch here and lift this up look at that it actually worked so basically that's the that's what I learned about fixing the timing on the hook wheel for a sewing machine so if you have any questions or comments or anything I'll see what I can do to help please feel free to comment Thanks.

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