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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Amusement

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Amusement

Welcome to your fitter future workout for today so we're going to start with some quick beach shuffle so just looking at me first each shoulder width apart ending down and we're going to move our feet as quick as we can on the floor it's not about how loud we go three two one off we go excellent keep going right we're gonna do a burpee and a star dropped rotation so for our Burpee again like always feet shoulder-width apart hands on the floor spread out those fingers and we're going to walk back step step-in in and up it doesn't matter which foot goes first hands on our site one foot out and we're just going to bend our knee and come back up again now if you fancy a bit of a challenge look at what Jack is doing look how low his knee is going excellent these are lower body star jumps three two one off we go X and just keep in control with me nice and slow nice and controlled because we are getting faster in good just feet off the floor eggs and look how high Jack's going he's really testing himself it's fine that he's going slower because he's using more energy no problem the aura is getting her legs up she's still working the same muscles fantastic keep going fast-paced finish enjoy the exercise off we go Chris middle cross middle good keep at that tempo remember you can visit Pizza futurecom for more exercises just like this at home.

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