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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Attach

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Attach

Music, hi Smike! Haver thanks for asking me. 2. How do I get a bench warrant set aside? 3. First off, what is a bench warrant? 4. A bench warrant is a warrant that's issued by a judge from the bench. 5. Bench warrants are issued for a lot of reasons, with the most common probably being for a failure to appear in court. 6. Some warrants have a provision for bond, while some don't. 7. In my experience, criminal traffic and misdemeanor county court judges tend to attach bond bench warrants, while felony or Circuit Court judges tend to issue bench warrants with no provision for bond. 8. If a judge authorizes a dollar amount for bond, the warrant can be satisfied by paying the bond. 9. However, if there's no bond, the warrant can only be satisfied in one of two ways - either by being served or by being set aside. 10. In either event, you're gonna need the issuing judge's blessing before being released. 11. If you want to get a bench warrant set aside, you have to ask the court to do so. 12. A simple "please pretty please set aside my warrant" is not likely to cut it. 13. You should have a lawyer prepare, file, calendar notice, and litigate a legally sufficient and abundantly persuasive motion. 14. This motion should set forth facts and circumstances sufficient to demonstrate to the court that the warrant should be set aside. 15. When moving to set aside a warrant, there's always the risk that the judge will say no and take you into custody. 16. So be prepared, and preparation begins with hiring a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer. 17. I thank you for your question, I appreciate your having asked it, and I invite...