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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Calculator

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Calculator

How to calculate square root of any number I am Anil Kumar and I will show you a technique of calculating square root of any number without calculator right so that's the key it is without calculator so it's a kind of dimension which we learn long time back and I'm very happy to share it with you let us try to find square root of let us say 200 okay to find square root of 200 we can have a special kind of division and that is how we divide it so that's a normal division wave but in this case as you know in square row we are always multiplying the same number so the technique is whatever number is given to you make in pairs from left to right so so from left to right two numbers and then we are left with just one now we will try to divide the numbers from the right so it is 1 we know 1 times 1 so we have to always place the same number as a divisor and as a quotient so 1 times 1 is 1 2 times 2 is 4 we have only number 2 so we can divide just by 1 so we put 1 by 1 times 1 we get 1 here so take away 1 from 2 we get 1 now bring down both the numbers together so we get 100 here is kind of a different way of dividing now we have to again divide and this time we write the number which is twice quotient over there 2 times 1 is 2 so we write 2 here now we have to fill in another number which can be multiplied by itself to get closer to hundred now we can say that 10 can be divided by 2 5 times well then 5 times 5 will be 25 much bigger numbers let's try number 4 spilatro 4 here and here also kind of same number has to come that is the technique four times four is 16 so we get 6 here 1 4 times 2 is 8 and 8 plus 1 is 9 so we get 96 now take away 96 from 100 we get number 4 so 14 is square root of 200 very close if you are constraining the whole numbers so if you want to go further then we can add a decimal and two zeros bring down both these zeros and then again we'll start with our process which is 2 times 14 so the number is 28 and now we have to write some number here and some number there with decimal in between now that means if I write 1 I get 2 8 1 right if I write 2 then 2 times 2 is 4 so we get a number more than 400 so we'll go with 1 so we can write 1 1 in the quotient and 1 in the divisor so when you multiply it by 1 you get 281 now take away 281 from 400 then take away 1 is 9 9 take away 8 is 1 and 3 you have to take away 2 from 3 get 1 well we can go to two decimal places let's put two more zeroes bring down these zeroes ok now what number can I place here and here so that we can get closer to 11 thousand nine hundred well 2 times 5 is 10 5 times 8 is 40 that will be higher than 11 so we can try 4 4 4 times 4 is 16 6 4 times 1 is 4 plus 1 5 4 times 8 is 32 2 3 carry over and 4 times 8 is 4 X 2 is 8 plus 3 is 11 so we get this number which is indeed very close to 11,000 900 and when you take away you get 4 4 and 640 oh that's a remainder but anyway the closest we have got for 2 decimal places is 14 point 1 4 and therefore we can say square root of 200 round to approximately 2 decimal places is equal to fourteen point one four but I hope you appreciate this special kind of division process by which we can actually calculate square root of any number right try this technique and find square root of let us say 350 right so you can do repeated division in this fashion you have to write the same number four step is of course to Club them from left so we get group of two here and then one and if you want decimal places you can add more zeros set of zeros you have to a degree so that way you can get to two decimal places so that is how you can actually find square root of any number practice with few numbers at home I hope you appreciate it thank you and all the best.

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