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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Certification

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Certification

Music, hi there! Michael Bovee, thanks for tuning into our YouTube channel Deadlights. Today, I've got a cheeky topic to cover in our "Busting Myths" series. Today, I'm going to talk about TVA or Treasury Direct accounts and how some people believe you can pay your bills and discharge debts using a secret account. Let's get started. First, let's discuss the advocates who popularized these theories back in the 80s. Roger L Vic is one of them, with his redemption theories and UCC financing statements. He even went to jail for fraud and issuing fraudulent instruments. There are others who picked up these theories, such as Roger Avec, who is also in jail. Additionally, two well-known advocates of this process are currently being indicted for fraud and money laundering. It's important to note that there are plenty of resources available to learn that this is a scam, and we'll provide those in the video description. Now, let's dive into some histrionics. It all begins with your birth. Back in the day, your birth was recorded in the family Bible, as there were no birth certificates. However, as society became more organized, the government started issuing birth certificates. According to these theories, the birth certificate is seen as a bond with a set dollar value. However, the value assigned to it varies depending on who you ask. The assumption is that this birth certificate creates an account with your name in all caps, containing money for you to access and use to pay off debts. To access this account, some theories suggest using your social security number. However, these theories are based on histrionics and misinformation. The reality is that there is no account for you to tap into with money from your birth certificate or social security number. The Atlanta Federal Reserve has...