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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Charities

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Charities

Music good morning my name is Jaime Equus that I'm calling for woman to woman Breast Cancer Foundation on a child Dream Foundation firefighters birth button we're doing our statewide drive to prassistance the first 50 National Cancer Coalition powers when our state cancer fibrosis or leukemia from you date shown a good time a lot of the kids that we have foster up third for the kids less tradition all the burn victims up there to let them know that they're not found they should promote an aggressive treatment for those suffering for breast there goes a long way it's not just about the medication and treatment not for children I just need to know what amount of be comfortable 15 this year 15 how much of my 15 dollars would go to the percent donation goes into the phone for these cancer patients you see is the one that did he's at the front everything goes is well outside of the phone bill in the height bill I would assume all of it was the only thing I know is that vary from year to year we are a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization recognized my congressman a state by the IRS we would be able to set up those programs and it wasn't we're trying people like yourself across the state and on behalf of those guys I want to say God bless you it makes you get Music you Music.

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