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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Completing

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Completing

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create a Google Form all the questions you have available to you and how they all work in different options they prand then how to publish the form and get it out to your following so they can actually send your responses and then how you collect that data after they've filled out those forms that you've created and we're getting started right now what's up guys welcome back to another video it's Bjorn from WP Learning Lab where we help you get better at WordPress you can earn more for yourself for your clients and for your business if you haven't done so yet hit subscribe then hit the bell notification icon so you don't miss anything and with that out of the way let's head on the screen capture and start creating these awesome google forms I'll see you there the first thing you need to create a Google Form is a Google Drive account if you don't have one yet just head over to drive.google.com and you can easily create one to sign in with your Gmail account and add it right to your account if you don't have a gmail account you can create one right then it's free it's simple it's fast then once you're in the Google Drive here click on the new button click on more or hover over more and then click on Google Forms and now we have our form creator it's not the prettiest but it's also not the most ugly form crater we can change a lot of the color options by going in the color palette up here but the design more or less stays about static you just change the color really but the the cool thing will forms is you can add this form to a website afterwards as well and use this instead of a form builder on your website which might be a lot less frustrating for you so we're going to go through each of the question types that we have available to us so I'm going to call this a test form you can add description here if you want to it's not required it pre creates a question for you I'm just going to call this question one and on the drop-down here we have all our options for this question type we're going to go through each one of these I'm going to show you short answer first and it has a short answer field here which we can't use now because weird is building the form but on the front end once it's a usable form those type in their answer and we can duplicate this question but it's click on the duplicate button we can delete it by hitting that button make it required or not required click on these three dots add more information we can add a description if we want to also not required if you don't want to do it and we can add response validation so the response has to meet certain requirements we have a few options available for that number text length regular expression each one of these is going to have certain options to the length we can limit the character amount either minimum or maximum number of characters for the text text has to contain maybe some email fields it has to continue an email address maybe its URL field has to contain URL maybe you don't want them to have an email address in there so we can have doesn't contain and you put the app symbol to make sure there's no email address in there so the number field you can choose any requirement or any comparison of numbers and you can add a number in here so maybe the number they enter has to be greater than 10 for less than 10 or equal to 10 so depending on what you want them to enter this is where you use the response validation to kind of guide them in the right direction you can give them custom error messages as well if you want to do that not a lot of questions require that kind of response validation but if you do require it you have it right there to add a new question all we do is hit the plus icon right here I'm going to call this question two very creative make this a paragraph answer and we just have a long answered field here same options as before required not required description response validation same as the last one just a longer a longer amount of text they can enter we have these six dots right up here we can use that to drag-and-drop questions and move them around pretty handy if you want to add titles to certain areas just click on a question and click on TP and that will add below that question a title and description area so you can break your form up into different sections in that way or you can also put them delete to get rid of that you can also click on this button to add a section so it's going to split right below that question so say question one as part of this first section question two is part of this next section and then you can add as many sections as you want and in later questions and other question types like multiple choice and the dropdowns you can have people move to different sections based on their responses which is pretty neat I'm just going to create another section so we have three sections now I'm not going to title any of these I'm going to bore you with that click on the plus icon to add another question I'm going to call this now question three make a multiple choice which is our next option multiple choice.

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