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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Deposits

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Deposits

Youtubers Mike Martin's here Martin's channel fake Cooper D touch real-estate prices drop the most since the Great Recession hey wait a minute is this deja vu I just read an article about Toronto real estate drops most since the Great Recession what is happening in Vance City a bloodbath bloodbath the blood path for Vancouver's detached real estate market continues Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver re bgv numbers show a sharp decline in prices for November than the climb was largely the result of declining sales and rising inventory with the amount of free bills going up right now the amount of breaking ground that's going around the amount of cranes up in Vancouver with all this supply we are in an oversupply situation and that's what's happening right now oversupply situation is what's happening but you know if you're bought in Yaletown like five years ago you know you would still be alright what about wow you did what happens you'll ever own Greater Vancouver detached real estate prices fall over six points the price of a typical detached home in Greater Vancouver is falling re bgv reported the benchmark 1.5 million in November down one pull us at 1.6 percent from the month before that brings prices to a 6.5 percent lower than they were last year or a loss of 107 large oh wow 170,000 that's a lot of cake in the city Vancouver West saw the detached benchmark fall to 3.2 million down ten point three percent from last year Vancouver's East benchmark fell to 1.4 million down 6.5 percent from last year this is substantive law --ss may be over yet either oh it's not gonna be over no no no one could secure financing way more with the amount of stress testing and the amount of hoops that people need to jump through just to get anything just to get any financing our uh-uh no way banks are not taking the chance anymore and with interest rates going up it's gonna make it more expensive to borrow money and finance Greater Vancouver detached benchmark price here are those guys doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo we're going back to right here look at that look at that 17 was was when things really started and then tail end sorry the beginning of the head of 2022 is when uh put to the summer is when things started to why cuz people can't secure financing very simple the decreases are getting larger for deep detached prices last month six point five percent is sharp increase from the five point one percent last month the largest annual decline for detached homes since 2022 Greater Vancouver detached benchmark percentage change the twelve mark percent exchange of a typical detached home across the Greater Vancouver here's the percentage change so it's going back to right here recession times recession times look at that that was close but then they had the Olympics in Vancouver and everything we're knob but nothing crashed in look at that if you sold in June 2022 hat off to you hat off my hat's off to you you did well Greater Vancouver detached real estate real estate sales drop over 38% graphite Cooper detached real estate are dropping at fast as well so detached market is dropping like a rock re bgv reported 516 sales in November down 18.61 percent from the month before detached sales now down thirty eight point six percent when compared to the same month last year the monthly decline is seasonally expected so completely not a big deal the annual decline is a big deal Greater Vancouver detached sales vs. listings here it is sales versus listing Wow and look at everybody taking crap off the market look at everyone's removing their stuff off the market why because there are in the negative position right now great killer detached inventory rises over 9% oh in fitori going up sales are whatever happened out for life Greater Vancouver detached listings a popped higher re bgv reported 1190 new listings in November down 30% from the month before compared to the same month last year this is this November twenty four point four four percent higher than last year the increase is new listings helped to push the total inventory much higher as well the total number of active listings for detached real-estate increased by a lot re bgv reported five thousand seven hundred ninety seven active listings in november down five point eight one percent from the month before even what the decline listings are now nine point six percent higher yes even with the decline then they were last year once again the monthly decline is expected while the annual increase is not so a lot of real estate agents are playing well it's winter and it's slow season don't people dust off their Corvettes in the summer to sell them in the spring dust off the Corvette's in the spring to sell them in the summer and that's what's gonna happen to our housing what's happening in Australia in Sydney Australia sales nothing's happening auctions are not closing people don't care people can't secure financing with the Royal Commission sniffing around the banks it's hard for banks to lend anything right now and with interest rates looming on the horizon in Australia even though they're saying they won't raise interest rates they gotta raise it just right unless they want to play the inflationary money game declining sales and rising inventory helped to push the sales to active listings ratio sa-l are deep into buyers markets the SLR fell eight point nine percent over forty four percent when compared to the same month last year when the indicator above twenty percent is considered a seller's market and higher prices are expected when it's below twelve percent of buyers market and lower prices are expected from sellers between those it's considered balanced and.

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