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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Employers

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Employers

I represent people in federal criminal cases and also in state criminal cases federal obviously means it's the government that's prosecuting the state means it's the state of Nevada that's prosecuting you and my clients have cases that range from white collar crimes you know such as embezzlement from an employer or theft or money laundering drug crimes sex times violent crimes basically any type of criminal offense including DUI which is driving under the influence or domestic violence I think it's really important if you are charged with a criminal offense that you should pick a lawyer who practices exclusively 100% criminal defense a lot of lawyers out there they dabble in criminal defense they practice personal injury they do bankruptcy they basically take anything that comes through the door if you look at me you'll just see I just do criminal defense that's all I've ever done that's what I feel that I'm best at I've been a prosecutor I've been an assistant federal public defender for the last 14 years all I do is criminal law I love what I do this is the greatest job in the world I come to work every morning and I'm excited thinking about all the clients that I have and future clients that I'm going to get that I'm going to help when I'm going up against prosecutors I'm researching motions I'm filing motions I am doing a lot of work in that case because I'm trying to wear down that prosecutor to give my client the best deal possible I get paid to fight for people and and there's nothing more satisfying than to see a client who you know who comes back to me and says you know thank you for helping me and what was the most difficult time in my life I always tell people you know yeah you pay for my head and I throw my heart in for free one of the most common types of drug crimes is a simple possession of cocaine or a possession of some sort of you know prohibited pill a lot of times tourists will come into Las Vegas and you know they get a little crazy and get caught with a little bit of cocaine maybe they're at the the pool at one of the hotels and then their search by security and that's where they find they find the drugs on that person a lot of people think L there's nothing that can be done you know there I'm going to get convicted no not necessarily because even though they're charging you with a felony there's still hope I tell you I've gotten so many great deals for clients in mind in this area because I put the time into the case I litigate every aspect of the case we're not allowed to make guarantees i just have to point out but every climb in my position has come to me I've gotten it worked out to where even though they're charged with a felony and they're caught with that drug I've gotten it worked out to where it's dismissed at the end if the person does some classes pay a fine and stays out of trouble which means don't have anything you arrest so if you're being prosecuted or investigated for any type of drug crime whether it's the federal level or at the state level remember I have hundreds of people I've helped in your situation in just drug crimes alone so call me and i'll show you how i can fight for you confidentiality is crucial in any type of attorney-client relationship a lot of people think the attorney-client privilege only begins when you hire the attorney that's not the case at all so any time you meet with an attorney like if you come and meet with me anything you tell me even before you hired me if you choose to hire me that's totally protected by attorney-client privilege so I will never repeat anything that you've told me anything you've told my legal assistant that's protected by attorney-client privilege as well because she works for me so it's I always tell people that it don't think that you know you have to hide something for me when you're first talking with me just be as open as possible I need to know everything so I can help you domestic violence into very serious offense the biggest mistake people make is thinking oh it's just a misdemeanor it's not going to hurt me guess again it's very serious not only you're looking at a maximum of six months in jail but you're looking at consequences that you don't have for other offenses for instance you lose your right to possess a firearm if you're naughty US citizen you can get deported and third if you have a child custody matter in the future a family court judge can look at you and say wow you've been convicted of domestic violence I'm going to find that you're not a fit parent so there are huge consequences involved with domestic violence so what I'm doing is I'm challenging the domestic violence prosecution to Nevada and I'm arguing before the Nevada Supreme Court that you should have the right to a jury trial you should have that extra protection because it's such a serious offense if you've been charged with domestic violence or you're being investigated for having committed committed domestic violence it's important that you call me right away so we can discuss Europe your options a lot of people ask what is what's a white-collar crime a white-collar crime is anything involving money or embezzlement and money laundering Bank crimes anything that's not a violent bar and a white-collar crime can be somebody who embezzles money from a tip jar or their embezzling millions of dollars from a major corporation I represented people in in all facets of life whether it's a.

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