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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Extensions

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Extensions

Hey besties this is Chris today I'm going to show you how to sculpt acrylic nails using a nail farm now this can be a tricky technique but if done properly it will become one of your favorites when it comes to style nail let's get started Music okay everybody let's get started so the first thing you want to do is make sure that your client sanitizes their hands and you as well sanitize your hands and then we're gonna go in with a cuticle pusher and push back the cuticles and you want to make sure you get all of the dead skin off the nail plate so it prevents lifting and I'm gonna go in with my medium grit sanding bit and I'm going to lightly buff the top of the nail plate just to remove the shine and go ahead and dust off any excess dust upon the nail now if I was going to put a tip on this nail I would wait till after I'd adhered the tip and then I would put on the bond and the primer but since we're gonna be doing a form in this video I'm gonna go ahead and apply it now so first you're gonna apply your bond and let that dry and then you're gonna go ahead and go in with your primer and this is going to properly dehydrate your nail plate for proper adhesion so now I'm gonna remove my form from the paper backing and it comes with a little sticker so that's gonna give strength to the back of this form and I'm gonna go ahead and roll it so we get that nice c-curve so when I'm placing my form I like to have my client angle her finger downwards so I can look directly at the front of the nail plate and then I'm gonna line up the middle of the form and slowly rock it back into her nail press the sides together pinch the bottom and then make sure everything is nice and secure if you're using a shorter form and you're wanting to do a square or a tapered square you would leave the end of the form open if you are doing a coffin or stiletto nail you want to pinch the end of the nail so it gets that nice point also on some forms you can see that there's numbering this allows you to be consistent with the lengths of your nails if you all want them the same length you can go to the number that you decide so it forms are ideal when you have a client with bitten nails it's really hard to put a tip on a bit nail because you don't have a lot of available space for the acrylic to adhere and that would cause lifting if there's not enough that's attaching to the nail plate so for this now I'm going to be sculpting a tapered square and I'm going to be using glam and glitz glitter acrylic and a door it's from the diamond acrylic collection it's a very very beautiful rose gold glitter and everyone loves it so I like to rotate my glitter powders just to dispense the product and make sure that it's nice and even and what I like to do to start out a sculpted nail as I like to take up a little tiny bead and reverse place it into the free edge so by doing this it creates a sealed lip underneath the free edge so that you don't get any snagging that's common in a lot of form applications so now I'm gonna pick up a bead and I'm gonna start building my free edge and make sure you watch your sidewalls and keep those nice and straight and use the body of your brush to push the acrylic where you want it to go now when sculpting a nail you want to make sure that you're looking at your nail from right and left and straight forward to make sure everything is nice and straight and if you do have a little mishap you can always just fix that in filing so now I'm gonna go ahead and pick up another bead and this is gonna go on my nail plate and then go ahead and use the tip of your brush around the cuticle area and then kind of work the acrylic down towards the free edge now when you get to the apex of the nail which is the bottom two-thirds of the nail you're gonna want to leave that a little bit thicker that's where your stress point is gonna be and that's where forms tend to break so you don't want to make that too thin okay so now that I have my foundation down I'm gonna wait till it dries a little bit and then we're gonna pinch with our fingers so when you pinch a nail you're creating a c curve which is going to add strength to the nail now when you're doing this you don't want to be too aggressive because you can over pinch and it can harm the nail and you can pinch with your fingers and you can also pinch with pinching tools so when you have your pinching tool you want to place it right at the sides and you don't want to go on the finger and you don't want to go too low just right where it meets and go ahead and leave that for a few seconds here you can see the apex of the nail where it's thicker you want to go a little thinner towards the cuticle and as the nail tapers off it gets thinner at the end and this is where your strength is gonna be right here and I'm gonna check that this is dry and that sounds pretty good so I'm going to go ahead.

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