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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Filing

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Filing

Alright so this video is going to show you how to upload the executable file that's created by visual studio into web CT so once you've completed your form and all your coding and click Save also you make sure all the changes are saved you can hit the debug icon or hit f5 and run the debug one more time before you search to upload the file once that's done we can go to web CT alright and then click on your class and the assignment that you want to turn in and then we're going to click attachments click computer and this is already in the folder that I want it to be in but typically you'll be on my documents and then you just want to navigate to your projects folder in your visual studio folder this is typically where the files are saved and find your application and drill down into the folder again then click on bin debug and here you'll see the executable file it's usually the first file that pops up if you don't see the CXC it's probably something to do with your settings in Windows Explorer so to show you that I have the application folder open here and it's the same folder so the reason why the executable file showing is because you go to folder and search options and this is on Windows 7 so it should be something similar on XP or Vista you're going to find view and then you're going to go down to hide extensions for known file types make sure this is unchecked if it is checked your hero you'll you will see that the sea disappears and when it's not checked the exe were your peers okay so once we're back here and you see the exe file that's not the vs host uxe or the exe manifest files it's just the executable file so double-click on that it will upload and you can always test and make sure it uploaded correctly by clicking on it and running it and then you can test that out if you want to and there you see it work properly so once you're done just click Submit and that's how you upload an executable file.

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