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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Historical

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Historical

Music we've been talking about the entire our three-year-old girl from Bronzeville has a video that is sure to go viral in honor of Black History Month Payton memorized and performed the poem hey black child and the crowd absolutely loved it welcome Payton and her parents Shawn and aundrea Jackson how are you are you excited to be here that's not what you were telling me in the green room what about if you come home with me after the show took Sean and aundrea both of you I know that you have she has a little brother on the way too so that's coming soon but both of you aren't in education you're an administrator you're a teacher and Payton can already look at that Payton can already right yes and read and read at three years old he's been Rita since she was about 18 months really what did you do to get her to reading at night it happened before she even came off the wall Mike I was a youtube fanatic so I played a lot of phonics DVDs and songs for and I would listen to him in my stomach for like 20 minutes a day and she was having it in there she was kicking and screaming in there and feels like it but and then she came out we just exposed to a lot of sight words a lot of language like our bathroom is filled with sight words on our wall so just constantly feeding her into the phonics and words and lit yes that is so smart because a lot of time I have kids that are in elementary school but they give them the sight words in pre-k but you already way I had a proud of you of her extremely yeah Wow how long did it take for her to memorize this poem how long did it take you faith a week you learned it in a week can you teach me how to learn something in a week no no you can you perform for us are you ready you ready we're gonna let you take the stage all right go on there Oh her dramatic walk the microphone Hey yeah bye County caller hey black job do you know who you are who you really are do you know you can be what you want to be if you try to be what you can't be a black cow do you know where you're going where you're really going you know killer what you want to learn is you try to learn what you Gaylor hey black Xiao Zhu mu you are strong I mean really strong to low get to what you want to do and you try to do what you can do hey black she'll be what you can be Wow watch you Butler - what you can do ed tomorrow your nation will be what you want it to be you Applause hey you tell me this and hey are you are you ever afraid that you're gonna forget the words Wow no you got this cuz you're smart you are smart you're not just beautiful but you're smart I love it oh my goodness if you want to see the complete video head on over to our website we're gonna make it go super viral yes you got it tomorrow the Mustangs for the month of March you got to tune in for that show we'll see you then everybody all right Music Applause.

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