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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Index

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Index

Okay that's our distance which is the 20 317 yards so that's the 20 317 yards and yep okay they're both at ten o'clock are they yeah they're okay yep yep yep yeah I got coke shy I've also got bullets in here CJ degrees okay so get cult that gives us with three there twenty three hundred and seventy nine yards that gives us a total oh sorry yeah yeah main just bullet drop on fourteen five hundred and fourteen minutes and windage with an azimuth of 91 degrees yeah we haven't really got to shoot our angle what I have calculated is essentially one point nine eight four and spin left with a full window I'm gonna go to an average of our higher so eleven miles an hour I'm going to go to a 3/4 basically 0.75 down for a spin elevation because it's coming pushing bullet down a little well the bullets dragging itself down careless 0.58 right and down 1.2 to suck those titles ah one point for left ear 1 football and 0.97 so - damn that's gonna give us one well and a half MOA elevation in 1625 elevation sorry windage left ok cool well let's two three four five 12 okay 16 now left okay well let's say Sam okay I'll put another one in salmon let's see what happens do that okay okay yeah awesome oh great I should basically we decided to him coming out denim here is this one we've done a fair bit of shooting with this 300 Win Mag a tea tree nicely I've got good diet on it as well like my like my look hot and I am it's always come in and do this similar shot same sort of range it's a little bit shorter you know we're about 60 yards I'm shorter though we're wait a minute take them off again no I forget then we did with this race where it last week but I wanted to go through and and do it and really see if I could get my first shot which we pulled off so that's it that's what I wanted to do to make it um turn them off so I stopped yelling to get the first shot here which we should be able to do takes it there's a favorite of EF and there's a fair bit of variables and really I at this sort of range I'm still not confident enough or confident enough to be able to now I'm going to do it but there is a fair few variables one of the things I'd like to go into and explain in a little more detail is a couple of things of how we do things and the rest of the world might already but I'm not really sure I'd like to go try to explain that's basically talking about using the lights of a ballistic app which is essentially software out of ballistic engines which essentially is programmed algorithms equations designed to be able to where you plug in your details and with with BC and muzzle velocity and weather conditions you can get yourself on target what I find the way I use these things and I've said it a few times is I'm using data and recording lots of data on the things I'm going through and making sense of things and that lets you from verify what you're actually doing but it also is how I actually use this machine I don't actually or really I shouldn't say but I really go through and measure my muzzle velocity I'll go through I have my muscle velocities work down start off with and then I'll go through and shoot and I then use the ballistic app to tell me what my muzzle velocity is if I changed my load around a little bit I can work it out by my bullet drop in my weather with all my conditions with enough data to be able to fine-tune it in here but in truth once we start to get out to the extreme long range I haven't found too many of them that I really believe works spot-on for me so I'll then start to manipulate in the ballistic alcohol believe my muzzle velocity around I'll move my VC area just tweak that one way or other we just try to make them match up to my data it means that you're loading it means you're shooting it means you're recording all need to be spot-on but I've actually found that you can quite thoroughly go through and with reasonable success I should say at least go through and record information that then and let you tweak your holistic app around to where you can get very very close there are lots of details I had a conversation internet conversation with someone this week talking about what he called it it was crosswind bullet jump what we're actually talking about there is what I actually used in this shot which is just beam drift elevation factor there's all sorts of things it's a quite simple process that were actually talking about we're actually talking about the fact that the bullet is rotating because it's rotating that's what gives it spin drift which means it hasn't Falls as it goes from natural for bullet drop it's rotating it has more pressure on the side that is falling because it's active going down thanks each thing is attraction to the or to the left whichever way you barrel spinning the next side of it the elevation component is really something I know I can I understand it and I've used it and I'm still learning about it don't get me wrong but essentially is that if you have a constant wind pushing in silence then you've got to adapt is the sweetness of affecting one it's falling through the air so it's got the.

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