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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Index

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Index

Okay, that's our distance which is 20,317 yards. So that's the 20,317 yards, and yep, okay, they're both at ten o'clock. Are they? Yeah, they're okay. Yep, yep, yep. Yeah, I got coke shy. I've also got bullets in here. CJ degrees, okay, so get cult that gives us three, there twenty-three hundred and seventy-nine yards. That gives us a total, oh, sorry, yeah, yeah. Main just bullet drop on fourteen, five hundred and fourteen minutes and windage with an azimuth of 91 degrees. Yeah, we haven't really got to shoot our angle. What I have calculated is essentially one point nine eight four and spin left with a full window. I'm gonna go to an average of our higher, so eleven miles an hour. I'm going to go to a 3/4, basically .75 down for a spin elevation because it's coming, pushing bullet down a little. The bullets dragging itself down careless .58 right and down 1.2 to suck those titles, ah, one point for left ear, 1 football, and .97. So - damn, that's gonna give us one well and a half MOA elevation in 1625 elevation, sorry windage left, ok cool, well let's two, three, four, five, 12, okay 16 now left, okay, well let's say Sam, okay I'll put another one in salmon, let's see what happens do that. Okay, okay, yeah awesome, oh great. I should basically, we decided to him coming out denim here is this one. We've done a fair bit of shooting with this 300 Win Mag, a tea tree nicely. I've got good diet on it as well, like my like my look hot and I am it's always come in and do this similar shot, same sort of range, it's a little bit shorter. You know, we're about 60 yards...