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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Info

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Info

Hello yes sorry we are going to tell you all about hurricanes I've ever heard of a hurricane yes a hurricane is a huge storm of speed and winds and lots of heavy rain if you know that fine fest called an tropical cyclone a huge storm a huge absolutely massive it can be up to a hundred miles across and have strong winds big wings can reach peak of 25 to 200,000 very scary but how does our canes form hurricanes form over the ocean water of the tropic hurricanes only form over really warm ocean water of 80 degrees Fahrenheit warmer the tropics Music yes the topic is to area near the equator in no imaginary line drawn around Central Park oh yes so it's very warm there yes very hot Hershey's form over the world ocean water of the tropics wonder what moist air over the water rises it is replaced by here where the color hell holes and one unstuck to rise this cycle causes huge or cry support did you know down lot of different parts to our hurricane what you need well a hurricane has an eye an eye can they say I'm a 100 here we've got to revive the center of the hurricane is called die it is very calm there are no course and has a very low air pressure the most dangerous part of this door is just on the edge of the eye it's called that I wore it cold a while because it's Mirabal very heavy coid the wind here can reach up to 160 miles per hour oh not like Divina the eyewall it sounds super beauty it is there are also parts called REM bond these funds can cause massive loads when a hurricane reaches the land they can draw lots of wind and we said Perkins to remove their ocean so how do they cause so much damage when they get lots of power they can strike the land the public is usually caused by massive flooding and a storm surge a storm surge what star a surrogate once the water levels in the ocean right along coastal areas because of the powerful storm it can cause flooding hurricanes can also cause damage with high speed wind please can blue dine treat a nice embroidery all prices sometimes hurricanes can even create smaller needles as well so when working strike the act one picked her king chicken is from June 1st to November 4 days the list of the Harken occur during the winter months the eastern pacific hurricane season is from May 15th to November 40th so how do you know how strong the vacuum is well hookans are measured by the speed of winds within them for example reading category 1 74 to 95 miles per hour pakery to 96 to 110 miles per hour category free 111 to 129 miles per hour category 4 140 to 150 6 mil for category 5 157 or higher miles per hour some collard green 5 is to work yes definitely one of the worst hurricanes in history with the golf system working in 1900 this devastated city and killed between 6,000 and 12,000 people mostly from drowning the 1970 Ola cyclone struck buying the - killed over 300 thousand people cyclones hurricanes and typhoons are just different Ian's for the same thing so how they control came together it can be 600 miles across and have showand Sparling inward and upward after speeds of 70 50 200 miles per hour a jerk in me join us for over a week within 10 to 20 miles per hour over the open ocean the lord s hurricane on record is typhoon tip what occurred in 1979 with a diameter of around 2,228 turn it will be half the size of the United States - King do all hurricanes of means yes my name's hurricanes happens in Baja like sick Arnie and based on a list of names given by the world look at an article organization then you're doing a spectacle water service a storm of the year will have a name that starts with the letter A the search list of names another year a new list is created a further hurricane hunters who were they Music debris of Hurricane Hunters work for the National Oceanic and ministration and Oh a a which mission lasted about ten hours with the crews passing four to six times through the storm the plans call myriad all sophisticated computers elaborate instruments that determines characteristics such as temperature and pressure wind speed and wind direction inside the hurricane I missions and and OHA can warn everyone in the Hurricanes path wow they really are real so when was the last big hurricane hurricane andrew was a category 4 hurricane in 2022 hello and we got to start the season because of the kids is the letter A exactly where I've learned so much about her hand hug me roaring - roaring like a hurricane of fun I hope you enjoyed learning all about hurricanes confess and like and subscribe please visit us at www.learningstationmusic.com see.

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