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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Percentages

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Percentages

Hi there thank you for checking out my channel thank you for clicking on this video to do this part of the series of videos and posting to try to help people out income status test it's like the civil service exam this video in particular is part of my series on math they were going to talk about a very special technique now what I mean and at the blue mine that is in racialization but this is going to be special because we're going to use the same technique which is racialization to solve you my percentage questions now and if you haven't seen the video nature orientation you can watch it okay there should be a link popping up right here if you're watching this from youtube also if you're not you can go ahead and search for it on YouTube again the name is ratio rotation that is my technique when it comes to solving relational problems so the thing is very short a erasure when you turn it into an equation its infection porn for example if you say 2 is 2 3 that is 2 over 3 fraction shop maybe C we know contraction shot but it is ongoing decimals federation going percentage because in your mind it has to be the same and percentage fraction as specimens I may mark on your onion equivalence and what I mean by that the same concept which is racialization is something that we can use for percentage questions allowing the malabar exam now I already posted you expanders and I also posted your speed technical and comes to getting percentages of numbers but this video is going to be the phrase because there are a number of other types of questions and amount of us when it comes to percentages I gotta meet series of videos on your court for example is 30 percent of 120 I already made a bunch of those if you haven't seen those there should be a link been to those 3d soon popping up right here but today is going to be different in each animal hindi natanya lahaina onion how that would be really for example 30 is what percent of 100 men on Ohia 3000 um 100 is what percent of the new member or Selena then what is 25% in sex what is creating the original number is 25% is equal to this you wanna grab a Centeno and okay buddy buddy 13 million you can use the exact same technique now why am I making this video because I know that a bunch of you are not comfortable with as is not okay back except on the thing that is a percentage questions Valley near Yuma know for example what is displayed by percent of 100 it would be paying more than your point 25 so 100 okay can add but if you're looking for some things other side like for example 35 is what percent of a number you know what percent becomes an X and if you click no para analogies divide maha Bella a and rubella and some people get confused by that now I'm offering an alternative for you guys to solve it I already posted on the screen for the traditional method but if you want to do something different or if you have encoded and you want to learn something the perineum petting Mahato you say yo hepatica yomogi miss modulus or Mohini an ergonomic memorization formula or maggie fatigue but no Maha X they have some asparagus measurement over here of savoia ma x-ray and if you want to eliminate the X from the entire process I mean Vina hi Omega algebra and instead of that just use ratio rotation then this is the perfect video for you so the best way for me to show you how to do with this for me to teach over to my PC so I'm going to do that right now so I can show you better after unibit ohj you want to show you a different technique when it comes to solving percentage questions again there are a bunch of these already available but I wanted to give you something new something that I use sometimes but I think like I said I'm best way for you to answer question system look at all the bottle burn of the week and choose the one that works best best for you so that is exactly what I want to do right now I'm going to offer up this technique to you guys the use now let me explain it first an example of deviation from the hormone percentage questions from venomously Africa's best fit to 20 is what percent of 880 now the thing is when you solve this question if you use the traditional method knowledgeable it's going to give you the equation which is 220 equals x of which is times 880 hi again it's fairly easy to say and if is equal to equal and the off becomes multiplication quanta hana-chan x KY Asha in what percent okay another thing is a confidence problem you're going to have to do a few things so to switch over to the ad button wipers on multi-device guy and that's how you do it and what we're going to do is I'm going to show you a different option I suppose I solved it a problem at all and what is that it's all instead of using this equation we're going to use ratio rotation some of the formula by inhalation relation attic is gonna give em the number askin a percentage so detoxified methyl is going to be the numbers business side up oh it's the percentages I wanted to show you this technique because it's also going to help us in the long run I discuss discuss and more Cox's weight will be the same technique we're going to.

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