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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Pros

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Pros

I don't even know where to start with this thing this is the new iPad pro and this one is actually the most iPad pro you can get this is the 12 point 9 inch version with one terabyte of storage and LTE with the optional 199 dollar keyboard cover and 129 dollars of Apple pencil on top this is $2,200 of iPad pro it is big in bad and mean looking it has an 8 core a 12 X processor that is just lightning fast it has this new Apple pencil that clips on magnetically and charges wirelessly and it has a USB C port that can theoretically let it connect to basically anything it's more expensive than my laptop with a processor that benchmarks faster than Apple's own core i7 MacBook Pros this iPad pro is a beast if a muscle car could turn into a tablet it would turn into this and I should love this I should love it it should keep me up at night it should make my heart flutter every time I see it it it should be my computer my number one go-to computer but it's not am I tell you why so it's no secret that Apple's lead and tablets is just silly no other company has a tablet that offers the same power Absolution ease-of-use and battery life is the iPad pro last year when g2 reviewed the 10.5 inch iPad pro he said it was basically like Apple showing off and this new iPad pro is definitely Apple showing off again especially when it comes to hardware there are two sizes 11 inches in 12.9 the 11 inch model fits a larger screen and the same size body is the old 10.5 inch model and the 12.9 shrinks the body down to fit the screen the 12.9 is basically the same size as a sheet of paper now although I'm gonna tell you it feels a lot bigger than that Apple likes to say that both models had an edge to edge displays but I mean nothing about this vessel is edge to edge but it is an extremely nice LCD screen that's 264 points per inch on both sizes and it has apples fancy new rounded corner technology that the company calls liquid retina that's a little confusing because the iPhone 10 R also has a liquid retina LCD but the iPad display is way better than the 10 R screen with a faster 120 Hertz promotion variable refresh rate better viewing angles brightness and wider color support so I asked Apple and they told me that liquid retina really just means rounded corners that's it the new iPad pro is also the first really really new Apple hardware design language in a long time instead of rounded corners and soft shapes it's all hard corners and flat size with big exposed antenna lines in the back and a huge camera bump it kind of looks like the MacBook Pro but it's also kind of brutal looking almost like a reference design most people I showed it to you thought it was kind of cool especially in a space gray finish but it's taking a while to grow up you'll also notice that there's no home button just like the iPhone 10 the new iPad pro has a site it's the same true depth camera system with a 7 megapixel camera infrared projector and IR sensor but it works in any orientation landscape upside down whatever if your palm is covering the camera while you're holding that pad it'll tell you and if you have it at the bottom it'll tell you to look down to unlock which is pretty neat you can also double tap the spacebar if you have the keyboard cover on to unlock which is really fast and kind of reminiscent of Windows hello the lack of a home button means that you now navigate the iPad pro using the same gestures as the iPhone 10 so you can tap to wake swipe up to go home swipe up a little bit more to open the app launcher swipe up just a little bit to open the dock and swipe between apps along the bottom here now this will even preserve your app layout so if you've got two apps on one screen they'll be right there when you come back and of course you can pop over certain apps to get something done quickly if you need to these two gestures are all pretty intuitive to pick up especially if you've been using 1:10 but there's a lot going on when you swipe up and getting the doc and not the app switcher is a lot harder than you would think you have to take a minute to really dial it it apart from screen size both sides of the iPad pro are identical internally with the new 8 core a 12 X processor 4 speakers the smart connector for keyboards on the back instead of the bottom a 12 megapixel camera with smart HDR no more headphone jack and a new USBC port on the bottom to replace the lightning connector I'd normally keep going here but that USB C port is really what you all came to see right so let's just start plugging stuff in and see what happens boop-boo-boo-boop so here's the deal with one huge exception most everything you'd want to plug into a USB C port works if you have an app that supports it we tried a bunch of hubs an HDMI adapter a keyboard a camera a microphone even a VGA adapter and silly USB accessories like this fan the USB C ecosystem is not super well developed but the stupid accessories are definitely out in force the iPad pro will charge a phone it'll charge a Nintendo switch we tried some pro DJ gear but that didn't work because there's no app support.

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