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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Taxable

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Taxable

Welcome to the regular City Commission meeting for the city of Lighthouse Point for Wednesday September 12 2022 een so Danny Slavoj across United Church please play with me Father in Heaven maker of all things thank you for establishing the authority of this Commission in tomorrow the common good of the city of Lighthouse Point and for each person is here to serve giving their time and their energy and to stewarding the resources that you've given this city please give wisdom and clarity to each member they think through the budget and the business before them give them a steady hand to vote with integrity and a humble heart to serve with faithfulness thank you for those who are residents who have gathered here for employees who serve here which you guide them in the same way please make this evenings proceedings a way to make our great city an even better place to live it to work a place of prosperity justice and peace in Jesus name Amen call the meeting to order forget the pledge of the five Madame clerk roll call near-term future Commission president jockey yeah Commission ex-president whopper here Commissioner Johnson here commissioner long here city attorney to roll out here city administrator love it yeah finance director DePalo fire chief Gil Martin library director key police chief Licata public works director tram recreation director leasing thank you Matt Burke there's two sets of minutes for approval a workshop and regular meeting of August 28 2022 any comments or addendum move the approval of minute workshop in regular meeting of August 28 the motion second for approval for both sets of minutes on favor say aye I wish it passes 5-0 treasurer's report - depalo be hearing from you a lot tonight so let's go really thank you the general fund had seven hundred thirty five thousand three hundred $3.26 new deposits twenty-nine thousand eight hundred dollars in no sense garbage and trash fund eight hundred sixteen thousand nine hundred twenty three dollars and sixty eight cents special-purpose funds to million nine hundred and fifteen thousand four hundred ninety seven dollars and 46 cents storm water utility fund three hundred four dollars and four cents jet service fund fourteen thousand nine hundred thousand sixty eight cents contingency fund five million four hundred eighty three thousand seven hundred forty eight dollars in Noah Center general fund encumbrances one hundred eight thousand eight hundred twenty-five dollars and eighty cents total off on ten million four hundred fifteen thousand six hundred ninety dollars and 82 cents finance director it's a god bless Lee wait stop her my instructor but it's on the treasurer's report I would just want to know where we were at completion for the Tennis Center drainage looks pretty good I mean it looks great I just didn't know how much longer they were going off man Applause the only remaining item is some fencing looks bright Chuck so then they'll be some final inspection and that's it forever so it's really good yeah it's a great job thank you anything else commissioners on the trade report or maybe any other reports that you represented okay moving on public comments and requests regarding agenda items most of our gyms and this is an opportunity for members of the community come up and address the Commission before we address items on our agenda which is available in the back most of the items tonight relate to our budget and special assessments so there are public hearings certainly come up now but there will be a public hearing to address these specific items so we'll open our public comments requests boyfriend items regarding agenda items and boards date name three minutes seeing on hearing on public comments regarding agenda items the forth of city administration on a city administrator John Levitsky has or bullets and I believe Chuck does mr. Levinsky yes sir mr. president commissioners FDOT in conjunct with the LPOs proposing a is my clean project on federal highway starting at stanford we are going to the north to the Palm Beach County line on both sides it Street both eastbound or both northbound on himself we got word that FDOT was proposing to do that we conducted a meeting with FDOT rep the project manager the mayor attended myself mr. Johnson - she's on the MDL and Chuck Schramm and we met with the engineer and then we just said how can you possibly put in bike lanes and which is what your proposal with the roll palm trees is what the initially proposed was six or seven foot of bike lane on each side street and if you realize if you look at federal highway there's nothing on the west side available because you're in curve and then you're a sidewalk and then on the east side if you go east to the curb then here by our little palm trees so let the beating we said it's unacceptable absolutely unacceptable three of those royal palm trees made it absolutely clear just last week I know if you notice was a bunch of pink ribbons and all the trees and what they're doing is are just doing a survey it doesn't necessarily mean those trees are going to be removed or even proposing to remove those treaties but they did a survey about the utilities the storm drains and we're still we're still in the process when I'm talking to them and Commissioner Johnson's got some more information yeah they had a meeting as late as this morning on it and originally they told us they were spending forty million dollars to do this if you complete now they said eight million so I don't know which is the true figure fourteen or eight million but as of this morning they said that this was going there their study would be finished in March the actual construction would begin in.

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