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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Toggle

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Toggle

Hey everyone my name is Donald and in this video we're gonna be showing you how to use the content toggle with ultimate add-ons for Elementor the content toggle allows you to switch between two kinds of content you can either use it with content templates or even save pages that you've built with Elementor so here's an example so we have the annual and we have lifetime pricing so right over here we have the annual and if we click this button switches right over to lifetime so we can go ahead and show both types without crowding up our page to have for pricing tables or doing four columns and people getting confused so they always have these two distinct features that you can go ahead and and see that you can also use this to toggle some upcoming existing features so as you can see here we have the existing features for ultimate add-ons and then if you toggle this you can see some of the upcoming features that are going to be coming very soon to the plug-in so let's go ahead and get started one our services page on our test site we that I'm going to go down to the bottom we're going to search for the content toggle click and drag this over here we've got this we've got a pretty basic setup here we have one a left-hand side me of content 1 and content 2 we have headings for content 1 as well as content 2 and then what we want our content to include so if we want it to be some text that we can type we can also do a saved section and a saved page so those are those three different options that you can choose for displaying whatever you want right here you have the option of displaying regular content so if you have this you can insert it here you can also insert short codes or anything of that nature and then you can go ahead and also choose safe section and then if we go to safe section it gives us a selection of all of our library from Elementor that we have right here and then if we go to say page it does the same thing if we have any pages that are saved we can go in and select those here as well so let's go ahead and dive into customizing this let's go to save to section and we want the left side content one to be the monthly pricing so this is a section that we've saved inside of Elementor we won't go into how to do that but if you would basically create your own template and save it and then we can go ahead and select it here now we want the heading to be called monthly let's go to content - I'm gonna call this heading yearly and then we're going to go ahead to saved section and to select the yearly pricing okay so that's all of our content so let's go ahead and style this up so we have an option to default display either content 1 or content - and since I'm a fan of showing people yearly let's go ahead and show content 2 first so it always load with this being soon first for the switch tile we'll have a few different options round 1 round 2 we have the rectangle and we have a label box you can go ahead and select which one we want to do let's stick with around one and then we'll go ahead and style this appropriately color 1 in color - basically when at whichever this is pointing to left or right it's going to be whatever colors here so right now it switched to color 2 so let's go ahead and change this over to this pink and if you notice that if we go to content 1 it's green so we can go ahead and switch this color and let's choose a blue we can go ahead and choose that or gray will go to gray because we don't want people to choose monthly we want them to choose yearly so we go ahead to content 2 and we see that we have the pink then we also have the controller color so right now it's set to white but we can go ahead and change that to any color we want by selecting from here going ahead and put it in a code up here so let's keep this white size of the actual switch so right now it's a little big so we can go ahead and actually make this just a little bit smaller just like so have that so it's not too in-your-face now let's go ahead and style the headings so the monthly in that ending yearly so for heading one we can make this a specific color and then for heading two we can also make that a specific color let's go ahead and change the typography up and let's change the size of this so it's a little bit bigger so change the same thing for for the second one so we have those two now we have the ability to align this left center and right I'm gonna go ahead and keep this in the center and then we also can inline this or we can go ahead and stack this is the breaking point for stacking so it's going to default down to stacked for whichever you choose down here so it'll always be in line if you choose now for tablet mobile for iPads tablets Android tablets it'll go ahead and change the stack for that and mobile or if you just want it for mobile phones only you can go ahead and click on this advanced color and select a few different options so we have a background color we.

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