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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 2220 Willfully

Instructions and Help about Will Form 2220 Willfully

Amen amen harm for the weary how sweet how sweet so good evening once again before I go into these prayer requests are for our season of Prayer you want to again just thank the Lord for allowing with each and every one of us to be here and for His goodness toward us so as I begin here I'm just gonna read off just these prayer requests here and we are going to go into our season of Prayer and praying for these individuals our family and our friends Angelica is praying for she's asking prayer for her family that they will open their hearts to God and be saved and for her son also for his full conversion Alexander is praying that the Lord protect his mother and his sister this week as they are in New York and also praying for victory over sin denisa is praying for relief from pain she's also praying for those in the path of hurricane Michael that they remain safe her her other prayer request is for good health as well as prayer for her family we have an anonymous prayer request here for the young people also for living arrangements family conversion and also a prayer request to stay focused Mattu is praying for Margaret and Paul also a brother and sister who were recently baptized and for their continued journey in Jesus Christ he's also praying for he's asking pray for his ministry to share God's Word Melinda has a prayer praise report rather yes he wants to thank God for listening to her prayers God has answered some of her prayers things are better at home and her health is getting better we thank God for that answering and hearing and answering prayers we know we serve a God who is in the business of answering prayers amen she also has a prayer request for her family Linda is praying for Thomas and April Adam they need spiritual and financial help Edith her prayer request is for her son Giulio Cesar Hernandez and his family also for her mother and sisters and brothers she's also asking prayers for Ruby Nia Alvarado Elsa Alvarado Elizabeth Alvarado Mila Alvarado German Alvarado angel Alvarado and his families for their conversion that they will all see the signs of the times and get ready for it she's also praying for Sandra Alvarado and her family and also she's praying for the asking prayer for herself for her salvation and spiritual walk and spiritual health that God will continue to work on her in her conversion Tichina she's praying for he's asking prayers for struggling with a hasty speech and temper that God will help her to suppress these bad habits and God will do it God will do it Anastasia as a praise report she says greetings saved to serve family thank you so much for your prayers for me and my son God answered and brought me and my son back together amen me and my son back together please continue to keep us in prayer as we prepare to do evangelistic work in our community Michelle she's praying for a request she has a request for her family and her friends of specifically that her mother miss Mercedes and sister Julie hold on to their faith in Jesus she's also praying for her family that they would have a sense of urgency as it relates the country living and also for guidance as it relates to finances and faithfulness in tithing and sissu I believe I'm misspelling us I'm pronouncing that right SES you he says sooo prayer requests is that for a person that is a self spring asking prayers for this person who is a self-proclaimed atheist since he was 12 years old and asking that we pray that God will give wisdom as it relates to dealing with this person here Wayne is praying for his wife salvation that she may come back to Jesus Christ and also praying for himself and his family to have a closer walk with Christ Monica is praying for a home to live in they are on the brink of losing their home and about to be homeless however she says she believes God is able strong faith Samara has a praise report she says thank you for praying for my father he is at least 90 percent better than he was last week I'll praise to the Lord for the prayers of the saints and Thanksgiving for healing through his natural remedies she says continue to pray for my dad that he makes a full recovery then he makes a full recovery also lisa is praying for a gentleman by the name of Bruce C of Elmhurst who is a Catholic however this person shared with them Bruce the great controversy and some other publications and explain God's eight laws of health through God's promises and also introduced them this gentleman Bruce to save deserve and so we want to pray for he's a devout Catholic and God will in God truly does can't he can change hearts God is in a business of changing hearts AJ is praying for country living and also victory over sin he has a quick testimony as well he said last night last Sabbath he went to a nursing home to give out steps to Christ and there was a couple who were Jehovah's Witnesses and he had a personal copy of a steps to Christ and on the back of it it said Jesus wants to be your friend and these Jehovah's Witnesses were watching him and afterwards they approached him and told him that he liked the way he liked he liked how the teenage this he liked how AJ was dressed not having his pants below his waist and as a result dress reform he was able to be a witness that the Jehovah Witnesses and he gave him the.

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